Fusion ($FSN) joins as BEPSwap Launch Partner

Fusion, a project to enable financial services, is joining the BEPSwap Platform to provide liquidity to FSN token holders.

Aug 21, 2019 · 4 min read


BEPSwap was announced on 10th of July 2019 as a new way to swap and stake BEP2 assets.

BEPSwap will allow any BNB or BEP2 holder to swap BEP2 tokens at market prices — instantly from their wallet. They do this by sending their tokens into pools containing liquidity, which performs the swap instantly based on the ratio of assets in the pool.

This means anyone can maintain the liquidity of the pool and be incentivised to ensure it matches fair market price. This pool becomes a source of a trustless on-chain price feed, free from manipulation because no one can move the price without the market reacting.


Fusion is a connected ecosystem for financial transactions, powering the next wave of financial innovation on the blockchain. Fusion has three pillars of innovation:


Fusion’s cutting-edge interoperability solution ensures that Fusion is the most connected ecosystem in the cryptocurrency landscape.


Fusion’s unique Time-Lock feature enables users to extract time-value out of digital assets and easily model time-based transaction on the blockchain.


Jumpstart application development with a rich set of APIs geared to finance. Create, swap, extract time-value and more from digital assets without the requirement to program complex smart contracts.

FSN Token

The FSN token powers the Proof of Stake network security of the Fusion Blockchain and ensures liquidity to users and assets.

Fusion on BEPSwap

Fusion is powered by the $FSN token which requires deep liquidity in order to be useable across the network. For this reason Fusion listed on the Binance DEX which allows decentralised finance across blockchains. The FSN-BEP2 token allows access to the Binance Chain ecosystem.

By joining BEPSwap, Fusion will be able to experiment and test decentralised liquidity concepts, as well as securing a trustless price feed for the FSN token, and provide liquidity for FSN-BEP2 token holders.

Fusion will also closely collaborate with the THORChain team on bridging technology since there are a lot of challenges to solve that will benefit both projects.

Additional benefits include:

  • THORChain will acquire off the market FSN tokens between now and the launch in order to bootstrap the FSN pool.
  • THORChain and Fusion will work together to promote the ecosystem.
  • Fusion will be able to stake some parts of their treasury into the pool to offer even more liquidity to token holders.
  • FSN token holders will be able to stake FSN tokens in order to earn on trade commissions every day.

BEPSwap is scheduled for public beta in 4–6 weeks.

THORChain Update

THORChain team just released the BEPSwap tutorial where users can learn about swapping, staking and trading across liquidity pools:

To keep up to date with the upcoming Public Alpha, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:


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