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Monthly Treasury Report —Jan 2021

The treasury comprises of $25m, funding protocol development, liquidity and paying out to community grants. The protocol has 212m in RUNE reserves. Planned Obsolescence July 2022.


Operational Treasury

Liquidity Providing

Protocol Reserves


Community Grants

  • Telegram bot (Block-42)
  • Block Explorers (ViewBlock & PusherLabs)
  • Twitter Bot (PusherLabs)
  • Wallets (Frontier & XFi)
  • Dashboards (Delphi)
  • Midgard (Delphi & community-dev)
  • NFT Management (community NFT team)
  • Social Management (community teams)

Large Expenses

Planned Obsolescence

  • Mainnet + 4–5 chains
  • Decentralised (team not the locus of control)
  • Adequate community support (wallets, exchanges, dashboards, bots)

Decentralising The Treasury


THORChain Community



A decentralised liquidity network.

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