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Rune, the Liquidity of THORChain

Introducing the RUNE Token and Distribution

RUNE Token

RUNE, the Liquidity of THORChain
  1. Validators are required to stake RUNE to be part of the Validator Sets. Once staked the RUNE are bonded for a period of time to prevent nothing-at-stake attacks.
  2. All network transaction fees (gas) are paid in RUNE. Fees may be transaction fees, trading fees, bridge fees and liquidity fees, imposed by the different elements of the ecosystem.
  3. Liquidity is always backed by RUNE in the Continuous Liquidity Pools. Therefore, RUNE functions as ecosystem settlement currency.
  4. The Flash Network requires RUNE as liquidity to join Liquidity Hubs and fees are paid in RUNE.
  5. Block rewards for Layer 1 Validator Nodes (Nornes) and Layer 2 Liquidity Nodes (Mjölnir) are paid in RUNE.

The RUNE Distribution

  1. Funding protocol research and development,
  2. Providing liquidity to the protocol for usability, and
  3. Distributing a large amount of the Rune to a large number of participants fairly.
The THORChain Development Roadmap
  • Accessible. Any person can contribute to each tranche. Funds and large investors can contribute, but must pass KYC for large transactions.
  • Immediate Liquidity. Token are released immediately to contributors.
  • Fair. The incremental ether price of the RUNEs matches the time-value of Ether whilst liquidity is locked.
  • Transparent. All circulating tokens will be emitted only from the smart contracts.
  • Continuous. The distribution will last until all RUNEs are circulating.
  • Capped. The distribution is capped at the prices in the smart contracts.
  • Progressive. Each time the development team release a development milestone, the next Tranche is made available.
  • 10 tranches with 10 distribution contracts and 10 development milestones.
  • Cap: Each tranche will be capped at 50m RUNE. The first Tranche is 4000 Ether.
  • Each subsequent Tranche will be unveiled when the previous is filled, and is dependent on market conditions.
  • Anyone can contribute at any time (excluding citizens and residents from USA and China).
  • Withdrawals are processed by calling a specific function on the sale contract, which distribute RUNEs as well as any THORChain collectibles if won.



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