THORChain $RUNE to list on BinanceDEX

RUNE will debut on Binance DEX in the next two weeks

Jul 6 · 2 min read

Voting Passed

Binance Validators have unanimously voted to approve THORChain’s proposal to debut the RUNE token onto Binance DEX.

The original announcement:

The approved proposal:


The format for the listing of the RUNE token is being finalised and will be announced soon. Please follow the project in social media channels to learn more. The listing will occur in the next two weeks.

The $RUNE Token

The $RUNE token is an integral part of the ecosystem, being responsible for security, liquidity and governance. RUNE will be bonded by validators and held in liquidity pools to form the base settlement currency of the network:

The $RUNE distribution

There is a maximum of 1bn RUNE.

50% of RUNE will be distributed prior and during mainnet launch, including the following activites:

  • Airdrops
  • Sales
  • Public Distributions
  • Binance Chain and Cosmos Hard Spoon (RUNE matched to BNB and ATOM holder balance)
  • Team

The other 50% is reserved for a continuous emission schedule which pays out to those who bond to validators and stake in liquidity pools, asymptoting to the theoretical maximum of 1 billion. This will begin when mainnet launches in 2020.

All transaction fees on the chain burn RUNE, which will offset the emission so no token holders will be diluted, and validators will have continual income.

Stay in Touch

To keep up to date with the Token Launch and Airdrop, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:


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