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Weekly Dev Update #31

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 18–24 Feb 2020


Asgard Wallet 0.0.1 is now available for download and test from Gitlab. Please note it is beta un-audited software:

The team spent the week progressing with the system-wide validation as well as rebuilding the TSS. This will be complete soon.


Work includes fixing bugs found downstream from client testing.


The bulk of the work includes some working proof-of-concepts that led to the team converge to a new design for reliability. This work is in a non-master branch and will be merged once complete.


Heimdal has now reached feature-parity with THORNode such that it can be used to validate every output of the node software.


Midgard work is primarily to respond to downstream feature requests from client testing.

Asgard Wallet

Asgard Wallet V0.0.1 has now been shipped as beta, as the team work towards Release Candidate 1 which will include the minimal feature set. The repo is now set up for public contributions.

BEPSwap Client

BEPSwap is in the final stages of testing and validation.

Bounty Program

There are currently open bounties on Asgard Wallet codebase:

Issues · THORChain / Asgard WalletAsgard WalletAsgard


Code Review: 3/4 Review Complete

Economic Review: Commenced

TSS Audit: delayed pending TSS re-design

Next Milestones

The updated testnet is in the final stages of testing. The current blocker to release is the re-design of THORChain TSS to achieve the reliability metrics the team want. A solution is being implemented for this.


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:



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