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Weekly Dev Update #36

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 24–30 Mar 2020


Happy Path Testing was completed on THORChain and the network was validated to perform as expected:

  • Start with genesis nodes, churn up to 12 bonded nodes.
  • Complete swaps and staking transactions concurrently.
  • Migrate funds from vault to vault.
  • Churn down to 4 nodes, start Ragnarok.
  • Finish Ragnarok with all funds returned.

The team began Unhappy Path Testing which ensures the network can tolerate malicous or offline nodes in the same environment above. As always, the tweaks and bugfixes that corrected issues identified above were merged below.



Additional Work


Work continues to improve reliability.


Bug fixes from issues identified in E2E testing.


Transaction page completion as well as bug fixes from E2E testing.

Asgard Wallet

Migration to Ant Design Framework.

Bounty Program

There are currently open bounties on Asgard Wallet codebase:

Issues · THORChain / Asgard WalletAsgard WalletAsgard

In addition, the team are working with a number of community developers on some specific tasks.


Code Review: Complete

Economic Review: Completed most of THORChain's economic architecture

TSS Audit: expected to begin soon

Next Milestones

The updated testnet is in the final stages of testing. Chaosnet is expected once testnet has been fully-validated in several environments. There currently isn’t any known blockers to Chaosnet release.


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:



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