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Weekly Dev Update #55

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 04–10 Aug 2020; Testnet4.2 Ragnarok, Community Explorer and Dashboard, Midgard Improvements

Chain Upgrades

The team report that Testnet 4.2 has stabilised with the latest update. In total 510,000 transactions have been processed in 15 days of running, with 28 nodes active at the same time.

The team are guiding for a Ragnarok (full chain shutdown), then a launch of Testnet 5 with the latest improvements.

UPDATE 0.5.0

This is in the process of being pushed out to nodes to fix a bug to do with churning.

Known Blockers to Chaosnet

  • Successful Ragnarok on Testnet 4.2
  • Midgard Stability and Performance

Due to the vast increase in data, Midgard needs more work to scale and stay performant. If community members can help optimise Midgard (a querable database that consumes event from THORChain), please reach out, there is funding available.


Fixes, upgrades and work for multi-chain.


Some fixes to improve reliability.


Fixes, as well as a new endpoints for more optimised balance and pool data queries. Push pool depths to memory for faster returns.


Quality of life improvements and stability, as well as support for Digital Ocean.


BEPSwap Client

Numerous UI/UX tweaks based on community feedback


Work continues to prepare the client for Chaosnet.

Community Work

A dashboard and explorer have been funded and MVPs demoed.

Community explorer:

Delphi Defi Dashboard:


A final infrastructure audit is planned post-Chaosnet.

Next Milestones

Testnet 4.2 is in the process of being retired and needs to demonstrate a successful Ragnarok.

Assuming all goes well, Testnet5 will be launched as a persistent testnet.

Chaosnet is expected once testnet has been fully-validated.


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:




A decentralised liquidity network.

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The official team for THORChain — the decentralized liquidity network.

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