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Weekly Dev Update #59

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 01–07 Sep 2020; Chaosnet Security Update


The week was busy, mostly stabilised Chaosnet and the infrastructure around it. There was the Issue 1203, which caused a funds-at-risk bug.

This has been extensively debriefed in Issue 1203 Post-mortem — THORChain Unbond Bug

Work continues to stabilise Chaosnet, Midgard and the Frontend. Work is being commissioned in the community for a web-based client that will interface with a multi-chain chrome extension.

Work will begin on Multi-chain soon.


Fixes, upgrades:


Fixes, as well as a new endpoints for more optimised balance and pool data queries. Push pool depths to memory for faster returns.


BEPSwap Client

Numerous UI/UX tweaks based on community feedback


Work continues to prepare the client for Chaosnet.

Community Work

The following tools receive regular updates:

Telegram Bot

Twitter Bot

Delphi Defi Dashboard

THORChain Explorer

THORChain Official Block Explorer


A final infrastructure audit is planned.

Next Milestones

Multi-chain testnet.


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:




A decentralised liquidity network.

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The official team for THORChain — the decentralized liquidity network.

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