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Weekly Dev Update #79

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 79, 26–31 Jan; Redeployed Testnet, final preparations in ASGARDEX, ZCash and Dogecoin bridges scoped, Litecoin, Bitcoincash support in XChainJs


The multichain testnet was prepared and deployed, but subsequently relaunched after a decimals-handling issue was found on Ethereum. It was then relaunched again, after Rinkeby Ethereum was found to be too difficult to get testnet funds (which are crucial to a well-functioning testnet). The new net is now synced to Ropsten. The team was successful in accumulating significant quantities in testnet assets (Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash) from a helpful community member.



Seed Service:

The team are validating a few things relating to node churning as well finalising the wallet. Expect this later this week or early next week for public consumption:

  • public nodes can join
  • swaps/add liquidity from web interface
  • swaps/add liquidity from desktop interface
Sneak peak of the web interface


Multichain patches, including some updates to Ethereum decimal handling.


Work continues to prep Midgard V2 to handle Multichain requirements.


Litecoin and BitcoinCash were merged.


Actively-developed bridges will be reported here going forward. Bridges are commissioned once a team who can implement is identified and work begins.

  • Bitcoin: Deployed to testnet
  • Ethereum: Deployed to testnet
  • BitcoinCash: Deployed to testnet
  • Litecoin: Deployed to testnet
  • Cosmos: Under review — considering moving to IBC implementation
  • Haven: Under implementation — work focusses on solving EDDSA MSig
  • Polkadot: Under implementation — some hurdles to cross with bifrost state sync.
  • ZCash: Scoped, rain-checked
  • Avalanche: Rain-checked
  • Dogecoin: Under Implementation — no blockers
  • Rootstock: Rain-checked
  • Zilliqa: Scoped, rain-checked
  • Monero: Pending Haven implementation
  • Binance Smart Chain: Rain-checked


BEPSwap Client

Numerous UI/UX tweaks based on community feedback


Work continues to prepare the client for Multichain Chaosnet. It will be ready within the week.

Community Work

The following tools receive regular updates:

Telegram Bot



Twitter Bot

Delphi Defi Dashboard

Upcoming Release for the Dashboard

THORChain Network Explorer

Continual Improvements, now with custom sub-domains for each net:

THORChain Official Block Explorer

THORChain Dashboard (ViewBlock)


View historical yield and simulate future yield in pools:


View current arbitrage opportunities in the pools. New card-style overviews.


RUNEStake can be used to see yield in THORChain liquidity pools.

Trading Leaderboard

View the current leaderboard for traders on THORChain

GrassRootsCrypto Youtube

GrassRootsCrypto consistently puts out great educational videos on THORChain, users should subscribe and bookmark the channel.

Next Milestones

Multi-chain Testnet with Native Rune and Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Binance Chain and 0.40 update has been re-deployed. The team are stablising the net for public consumption.


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:



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