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Weekly Dev Update #87

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 87, 22–28 Mar; GasRate Oracle, Succesful Hard Fork, Community Updates, Synthetic Swapping App, V0.0.8 ASGARDEX released.


THORNode ⏱ (pending public MCTN + 1 week stability)
Midgard ⏱ (pending some fixes)

Web Interface ✅
Desktop Interface ✅

THORChain is now a GasPrice Oracle — allowing the on-chain gasRate of every connected chain to be queried by the Inbound Addresses endpoint. All are gasRates so the user will need to work out their transaction size, with the final gasAmount = txSize * gasRate . Importantly:

  1. BNB has a fixed gas amount, so the txSize = 1
  2. ETH is 10**18, but only 10**8 can be represented, so 10**10 is lost as precision. This means 10GWei is actually represented as 1 — just apply a multiplier of 10**10. In reality no less than 10GWei should be spent on EVM chains for timely processing.
  3. The gasRate reported is actually 1.5x the block average. This would be “fast” and almost guaranteed next-block entry.

Multichain Resources




Seed Service:


The hard fork was attempted and was successful. The hard fork was to actually de-active synths, since the team found a number of issues with synths (thornode and midgard) that need to be addressed. Fixing them would likely delay chaosnet, so the team elected to de-activate to adhere to a timely launch. They will be re-activated after launch.


Work continues to update Midgard V2 to handle Multichain requirements and fix any depth divergences. Some work to handle synths was also completed, however it is not yet fully integrated.


Stability and fixes for Asgardex requirements.


Actively-developed bridges will be reported here going forward. Bridges are commissioned once a team who can implement is identified and work begins.

  • Bitcoin: Deployed to testnet
  • Ethereum: Deployed to testnet
  • BitcoinCash: Deployed to testnet
  • Litecoin: Deployed to testnet
  • Dogecoin: Complete, will be activated after MCCN
  • ZCash: Scoped, rain-checked
  • Haven: MSS complete, rain-checked until after MCCN since the MCTN is demanding resources to stabilise.
  • Monero: Pending Haven implementation
  • Cardano — Scoping
  • Polkadot: Demo’d, rain-checked until after MCCN since the MCTN is demanding resources to stabilise.
  • Avalanche: Rain-checked
  • Zilliqa: Scoped, rain-checked
  • Binance Smart Chain: Likely after MCCN
  • Ethereum Classic: Rain-checked
  • Rootstock: Rain-checked
  • Arbitrum: Rain-checked

Pending IBC integration — Cosmos, Terra, Kava, Secret Network, Injective Protocol, Sifchain, Akash Network — currently scoping with Akash team.


Numerous UI/UX tweaks based on community feedback

Work continues to prepare the client for Multichain Chaosnet. V0.0.8 was released and has full ETH/ERC20 functionality.


Fully ready for Chaosnet

Community Work

The following tools receive regular updates:

- asgardex — update RUNE fee to pull from constants endpoint instead of hard coded
- asgardex — update swap calculations to use pulled RUNE fee
- asgardex — updates to pool deposit for spendable eth
- asgardex — fixed bug to clear out pending transactions and balances on disconnect
- asgardex — fixed bug to prevent less than 0 for pool deposit RUNE calculations
- asgardex — go through “max” transfers to external wallets and fix some small bugs where “max” was above amount + fee and throwing error
- asgardex — started implementing affiliate fee. this requires some xchain updates to split memos that are over 80 bytes for btc, bch, and litecoin
- asgardex — put synths on ice until it’s rolled into testnet again
- explorer — add volume chart to individual pool pages
- explorer — added “ready” nodes to nodes page
- explorer — fixed decimal for pool liquidity
- explorer — tiny update to displayed decimals for tx amounts

— all chains published to test.pypi
— some issues with pip and python-binance-chain are fixing
— several bug fixes in published package versions

Integrated volume distinction between testnet and mainnet (node-launcher)
Implement volume expansion feature on bare metal
GCP provider update
Network load balancer
Network stats and and health visualization

• Generated OpenAPI clients for both Midgard V1 & V2
• Bug fix in those generated clients (mostly types and constant errata)
• Real-time event producer that analyzes pools depths and latest transactions
• Added a simple polygonal renderer (
- • Pools as colorful spheres
- • Tx as small white boxes
- • Simple animations (Pools are orbiting around the core and Tx are moving towards corresponding pools)
- • Orbital mouse control (pan, zoom)
• Started to develop a tool for recording events and their playback to facilitate the development and debugging of the visualizer

Telegram Bot
- Extracted the blockchain parser into a seperate service
- Added a new notification for when the node is not responding
- Fixed the repeating “Network health is not optimal” issue

New Synthetics Swapping App
- New design draft
- Integration of Thorchain keystore
- Calculations for “estimated values” which are shown before the swap is executed website
— Layout of Mobile version is done
— Homepage posts are added
— Menu is added with bottom/up animation
— Twitter like thread component created

Next week:
— Facebook like stories
— Rune & Tech view

— Complete v2 redesign coded based on Tomasz’s designs
— Wrote fresh copy
— Created language templates to support any lang (more work needs to be done to support these). RU and Chinese translations are in progress
— Added basic “Learn” page to direct to LP Uni, dot-help, and GrassRoots channel

Added Bitcoin Cash, Litecoint to wallet list
Prepared a drafted LP protection excel report.
Prepared UI for displaying LP protection coverage on each of the users’ pools.
Prepared early access to all-in-one support in (MCTN, Chaostnet, SushiSwap)

— refactoring the success modal & processing modal
— merged new constant fee code
— wallet tag navigation has been added to success views (upgrade, swap, send)
— update success balance after swap, send, upgrade (with balance update)
— wallet view navigation refactoring
— slippage adjust navigation added
— SVG arrows
— UI/UX improvements

Next week:
— pool views
— enhancement labeled issues

You can test the TestNet skin yourselves here: (still has some backlog for UI fixes)

THORChain Monitoring bot

• Midgard V1 & V2 unified interfaces including TX parser and historical pool depths and prices
• Changes and fixes for price and queue notifications to support Multi-chain environment
• New adapters to Runestake/Runeyield API
• New explorer URLs for all main chains (test and production)
• New address validator
• Mass code refactoring
• Avatar generator:
→ 1. New option: Green laser eyes using face recognition technology (example:
→ 2. Support for non-square input images
→ 3. It can now accept the image as an uncompressed document to bypass Telegram’s poor JPEG quality

Telegram Bot



Twitter Bot

Delphi Defi Dashboard

Upcoming Release for the Dashboard

THORChain Network Explorer

Continual Improvements, now with custom sub-domains for each net:

THORChain Official Block Explorer


View historical yield and simulate future yield in pools:


View current arbitrage opportunities in the pools. New card-style overviews.

Trading Leaderboard

View the current leaderboard for traders on THORChain

GrassRootsCrypto Youtube

- Just finished travelling
- Created Video for club house chat with detailed timeline
- Helping users on the chat
- Ready to support for launch.
- Creating scripts for new videos.

Next Milestones

The testnet is undergoing its final week of testing, progress is good. Chaosnet is scheduled imminently but it will take 1–2 weeks to roll out smoothly. The chain to run Chaosnet has actually already been launched, the team are just waiting on Go/No-Go criteria.


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:



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