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Weekly Dev Update #89

THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 89, 04–19 Apr; Chaosnet Launch, Stability, Fixes


Chaosnet was launched on 13th April 2021 with a 500k RUNE cap which was quickly filled. The team are focussing on stability before raising caps further.

Multichain Resources




Seed Service:





Seed Service:


A lot of fixes to achieve stability. No major changes to report.

A lot of fixes to achieve stability. No major changes to report.

Stability and fixes for Asgardex requirements.


Actively-developed bridges will be reported here going forward. Bridges are commissioned once a team who can implement is identified and work begins.

  • Bitcoin: Deployed to testnet
  • Ethereum: Deployed to testnet
  • BitcoinCash: Deployed to testnet
  • Litecoin: Deployed to testnet
  • Dogecoin: Complete, will be activated after MCCN
  • ZCash: Scoped, rain-checked
  • Haven: MSS complete, rain-checked until after MCCN since the MCTN is demanding resources to stabilise.
  • Monero: Pending Haven implementation
  • Cardano — Scoping
  • Polkadot: Demo’d, rain-checked until after MCCN since the MCTN is demanding resources to stabilise.
  • Avalanche: Rain-checked
  • Zilliqa: Scoped, rain-checked
  • Binance Smart Chain: Likely after MCCN
  • Ethereum Classic: Rain-checked
  • Rootstock: Rain-checked
  • Arbitrum: Rain-checked

A development partner has been found and will begin building IBC bridges.

Pending IBC integration — Cosmos, Terra, Kava, Secret Network, Injective Protocol, Sifchain, Akash Network — currently scoping with Akash team.

Clients is being maintained by the dev team behind They carry over the same design plus all the UX learnings from BEPSwap.


V0.1 was released for Chaosnet

Fully ready for Chaosnet.

Prepping for Chaosnet.

Community Work

The following tools receive regular updates:

Released all-in-one support (Multichain, Singlechain and SushiSwap.)
- Fixed asset allocation section not displaying correct asset name
- Used web3.utils.toChecksumAddress for getting ERC-20 asset logo from TrustWallet.
- Resumed iOS app development. (Starting from basic detail with a direct link to web for detail.)

Telegram Bot
- Updates for midgard v2 for MCCN
- New version should be out soon

brokkr (Synths Swapping App)
- USD equivalent calculations
- Minor design revisions
- xchainjs integration
- Working on keplr wallet integration
- Working on documentation to explain Synths to users

You can follow brokkr updates here:
Twitter: @Brokkrfinance
Telegram channel:


• Deployed a new leaderboard for MCCN
• The old BEPSwap version was moved to

aiothornode Python library

• Added MCCN environment
• Dependencies updated
• Bug fixing
• Deployed to PyPi (

THORChain Monitoring bot

• MCCN support!
• Added fees for LP summary
• Improved USD/Rune price calculation
• Full pool state caching
• TLV as sum of MCCN TLV and BEPSwap TLV
• QA and bug fixing
• Network statistics daily notification (WIP)

MCCN Alerts:

BEPSwap alerts:
BEPSwap Bot:

Fix kubeconfig commands (make kubeconfig-provider)
Upgrade kubernetes and update dependencies
kubernetes 1.19
kubespray 2.15.1
Switch to new dedicated AMD (CCX32) from Intel on worker nodes
Change kubernetes signing key
Replace host with load balancer in kubeconfig file
Digitalocean (WIP)
Update Kubernetes and dependencies
kubernetes 1.19
Increase cluster nodes to prevent volume constraint
Tests on k8s 1.19 and firewall/LB
Autoscaling issues
Tests & pre-checks on EKS module (14/15) with terraform (14/15)
Tests with new metrics-server deployment

Add dark and sepia color themes
Improve sorting and performance
Default to multi.chaos
Integrate solvency app (WIP)
Background health checks (WIP)
Improving deployments
Domain and DNS
Load balanced api’s

Asgardex Reskin:
— splash page is ready
— better build management over environments
— USD value showing bug fix
— UI/UX improvement

Telegram Bot



Twitter Bot

Delphi Defi Dashboard

Upcoming Release for the Dashboard

THORChain Network Explorer

Continual Improvements, now with custom sub-domains for each net:

THORChain Official Block Explorer


View historical yield and simulate future yield in pools:


View current arbitrage opportunities in the pools. New card-style overviews.

Trading Leaderboard

View the current leaderboard for traders on THORChain

GrassRootsCrypto Youtube

- Just finished travelling
- Created Video for club house chat with detailed timeline
- Helping users on the chat
- Ready to support for launch.
- Creating scripts for new videos.

Next Milestones

  1. Stability
  3. Synths
  4. THORChain Name Service
  5. DOGECoin
  6. BSC


To keep up to date, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:



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