If you think you can’t draw, try Zentangle.

An Interview with Bhamathi Pai | Everyday People #81

1. For the readers, who are you, what do you do, and what is your current side project?

My name is Bhamathi. I am a Bangalorean by birth, and a software developer by profession. I love coding as it lets me solve problems.

2. You mention reading, painting, and Zentangle. Is it important for you to be creative? What does art mean to you?

One of Bhamathi’s many designs. https://www.instagram.com/paibhamathi/

3. You said your father was a factor in you deciding to take IT, and that you now enjoy coding as it lets you solve problems. Was there ever a time where you regretted or resented the decision? Or are you fully satisfied in this line of work and believe you couldn’t be better suited elsewhere?

My father always said that studies are very important and he was the one who kept pushing me and my sister to finish our post-graduation. He told us that once we had a job and we were financially secure, we could follow our passions.

4. Given your particular way of thinking, can you provide 3 principles for people to understand the value of art in their life?

1. Be prepared to broaden the scope of what is considered art. I recently read an article on Momspresso (AN: parenting website) about a mother creating animal shapes using pancake batter to make sure her child finishes lunch. I consider her a true artist.

Bhamathi at Zentangle class, under the tutelage of and displaying the works of certified Zentangle trainer Vandana Krishna

5. Finally, where would you send the reader after they’re thoroughly impressed with your interview?

A lot of people say that they are not good at drawing or painting. To them, I say, give Zentangle a try.

  • Colouring books for adults
  • Paint by numbers kit
  • calligraphy
  • resin art
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • pyrography
  • baking
  • clay modelling
  • photography
  • origami
  • candle making
  • soap making
  • hydroponic gardening and so on.

Hello friendo, you made it to the end. Thank you!

This is Season 3 of my interview series. I believe everybody has an interesting story to share, even if they don’t know it themselves. I try and bring that out of them, so that you can see that someone else’s life is as complex and large and beautiful as your own. I believe that is inspiring — do you?



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Vaibhav Gupta


Professional technical writer, 2x Distinguished Toastmaster. I write about mental health and self-awareness. Also see https://medium.com/thorough-and-unkempt