3D mind-mapping App for Team Collaboration and Publishing to the Web.

Thortspace is a kind of “cognitive lego”. It works by “capturing your thoughts” … ie. you write your thoughts about something (a project or a study topic or an investigation or a problem) down on little disc-shaped icons (called “thorts”), and then assemble those thorts in alternative different configurations to see what variety of different ways of understanding the topic/project/problem you can make. This process gives rise to new perspectives and insights which make you more effective.

Thortspace supports visual analogies that “auto-coagulate” thorts to make groups, and make it easy to follow “Paths” through your thinking, from thort to group, thort to thort and group to group. Then as a second level, Thortspace makes it easy to link up spheres of such connections to make meta-strutures in a quasi-3D space and store multiple alternative configurations of “Arrangements” of thorts, groups, paths, spheres and sphere-networks.

I think of the whole thing as being a kind of “cognitive lego”. You get to play with your thoughts and your thinking structures and this yields meta-thinking and meta-insights which enable new openings for action to become apparent, and hence new and unpredictable effective and appropriate actions to happen.

Thortspace Free App enables you to…

The surface of a sphere has no single centre — or everywhere is the centre.

1. CAPTURE YOUR THOUGHTS — Thortspace enables you to throw your thoughts down in any order and then organise them once you see what you have got. Or you can organise as you’re going along.

Thortspace supports experimental reflection.

2. SEE THINGS FROM DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW— in contrast to a flat page, the surface of a sphere has no single centre. Thortspace is everything from the perspective of everything else.

3. BE PLAYFUL — thortspace supports experimental reflection and play . Contrast with being solely oriented around organising information.

Thortspace supports creating reusable chunks of thinking.

4. MAKE BUILDING BLOCKS — Thortspace supports creating reusable chunks of thinking. Put together your chunks of thinking in the form of sphere-networks using embedded and linked spheres.

5. BE PROCESS-oriented — in Thortspace the journey matters as much as the destination. This is important, because the same is probably true about thinking.

Thortspace enables seamless movement between multiple scales.

6. USE SYNTHESIS and ANALYSIS. Thortspace helps you create wholes out of parts, as well as break wholes down into parts.

7. USE SCALING —Thortspace enables seamless movement between multiple scales. Slide fluidly between viewing your thinking structures from a whole range of different scales.

Thortspace Premium Service enables you to …

  1. ENHANCE the use of the Thortspace Free App.
  2. COLLABORATE in real-time or asynchronously with users across multiple platforms. They say “two minds are better than one”… now how about three or four minds! More about collaboration in Thortspace Free App is here:

3. SYNCHRONISE all your sphere data across all your devices and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac desktops). Online or offline, work seamlessly between your home, your office and out in the wilderness. When you get back online, Thortspace Premium Service sorts it all out for you.

4. SHARE spheres with others via a URL or an email address. Resolve differences of opinion with grace and ease. Establish a shared understanding of your project across your entire team.

5. PUBLISH spheres to the web, so that anyone can view them. Some ideas are just too good to want to keep them to yourself… Thortspace Premium Services will help you to share your vision with the world. Click below to see an example of a Journey through Thortspace, published to the web. Go on a journey into Thortspace.

Go on a journey into thortspace.

6. BACKUP all your Thortspace data — zero setup. Sleep easily! All your great ideas are being kept safe for you, ready for you to return to them any time you want.

7. Add web pictures directly from inside Thortspace.

3 minute introduction to what thortspace is

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