Ad-supported public spheres

You may not be aware that free Thortspace accounts enable you to publish public spheres — the server costs for these are supported by having discreet Google ads in the bottom right corner.

If you want to get rid of the ads, or you want to do private collaboration, you can subscribe to a Premium account — which also contributes to funding us to make the Thortspace software better! Hooray!

I have started compiling a list of ad-supported public spheres, and here it is.

A list of some interesting public spheres we found that are (or were at the time we found them) ad-supported:

Teachable Moments WikiLinks

Just as an aside, here, the creator of this sphere has set the Thort text to be the same as the URL they have applied to the Thort. This is unnecessary. The Thort text can be anything you like and is completely indepedent of the URL that is applied to any given Thort.

Andrew is a Product Designer at Thortspace, the world’s first collaborative 3D mind mapping software. More stories here.



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Andrew Bindon

Andrew Bindon


Andrew is a Product Designer at - #3D #collaborative #thought_mapping #app. See it more than one way!