Dear Thortspace … Can Thortspace ToDo lists be printed?

Yes they can! The Thortspace App does not currently have any built-in print functionality, and the browser version (printing is built into browser functionality) does not yet support Do mode.

However, if you “List all thorts in browser” your kanban todo lists from Do mode are now presented in the order (and filtering) you have them in the current Arrangement. (And the HTML is easy to print using your browser’s built-in capabilities.)

For example, here’s a sphere with some thinking on it, and two Arrangements:

The second Arrangement looks like this… just the action items.

In Do mode, the Arrangements look like this:

and this:

Which when you export to HTML looks like this:

Because Arrangements store Do mode list orderings and filterings as well as Think mode groupings and positionings an so on, you could store different orderings in different arrangements, eg. for different team members, or if you have different priorities depending on being at different offices and so on.