Dear Thortspace… how do I close, delete and archive spheres?

Love the idea of a 3D mind map of sorts. This is just what I was looking for. The “getting started” videos fit within my attention span. I’ve even popped open one of your gigantic samples. Now what I’m looking for is…a way to CLOSE the sample and get back to a blank slate to begin making my own. I was fully expecting a “Close Workspace” item in the Sphere menu, but there isn’t one.
So I closed the application and restarted it. It conveniently returned me to exactly the same sample mess. Its really awesome. But how do I put it away?
Worse: I suppose the web server has now perma-linked my opening of the sample thortspace into my history. How do I get rid of THAT too?

Archiving and deleting spheres:

(1) To remove a sphere from the sphere list, archive it. You can even archive a sphere that you don’t own (and it will only be archived for you).

(2) If you want to permanently delete a sphere, go to the list of Archived spheres:

Now go back to your normal list of spheres !

Closing spheres

Thortspace doesn’t have a menu item or button to “close” a sphere. Effectively the way to close a sphere is to open a different one… either by choosing a sphere from the spheres list or by creating a new sphere with the “new sphere” button. (Or by navigating to a different sphere in various other ways which I’ll leave for another time.)

To create a new sphere:

Go into “Think” mode and click or tap the “Add Sphere” button.

To open (and go to) an existing sphere:

Go to the Search Tab Spheres List and click or tap on sphere you want to open.

If you don’t see the sphere you want to open, you can search for it using the search box at the top of the Search Tab. If you have registered a free Thortspace account, Thortspace will then do a full-text search of your sphere content. Otherwise Thortspace will search for a sphere title that matches your search text.

Type in the Search Text and click or tap the “Go” button (or press Return).

There is a video about using the Search Tab here:

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