Dear Thortspace … my app is stuck trying to sync to the cloud

Does anyone have an idea why the Thortspace app (Mac OSX latest version and patches) would hang on “Syncing to Cloud — waiting for connection”? … hang as in not sync and everything else seems functional?!
I’ve checked Mac firewall and permissions and from hat I can see everything looks fine. Many thanks in advance.


(a) Have you tried closing the Thortspace App (“Force Quit”, if necessary), and then starting it up again?
(b) Have you tried restarting your Mac computer?
(c) Have you tried logging out and logging back in again to the Thortspace App ?


First of all, please could you tell us your version number. There is an article about how to find out your version number here:

As it happens, for the current Mac version, there is an error in the Mac version 1.5.4 which causes it to display 1.5.3 in the About dialog from the main central menu. You can, however, confirm you are using Mac Thortspace version 1.5.4 by using the About Thortspace command from the top Mac menu, while the Thortspace App window is active as shown here:

On your Mac computer, select “About Thortspace” from the top menu while the Thortspace App window is active.


The next thing, depending of course on the sensitivity of the data you are storing in Thortspace: would it be possible for you to send up your local thortspace cache directory ? If you are happy about doing this, you should find the cache folder on your Mac here:


Just zip it up and email it to us here:


It may be helpful to also tell us your account email.

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Andrew Bindon

Andrew Bindon


Andrew is a Product Designer at - #3D #collaborative #thought_mapping #app. See it more than one way!