How to … check your Thortspace version number and get the latest update, if you need to

This is especially relevant to Windows users. Users of other platforms should not need to do this.

How to check your Thortspace App version number

  1. Go into Think mode and then choose “About…” from the main menu.

(2) The About box will show you something like this:

(3) If you are using a Windows operating system and have a version prior to 1.4.21 , I recommend you manually install the latest version but downloading and running the following Setup.exe file:

Other platforms (Mac, Linux, Android and iPad) will find links to platform specific install processes here:


(1) For users of Mac desktops, iPads and Android devices, your devices should update automatically (depending on your store settings) so you should not need to do this.

(2) Windows versions from 1.4.20 onwards will also update automatically.

(3) Windows version 1.4.17 , 1.4.18 and 1.4.19 do not update automatically.

(4) Thortspace versions for Linux currently do not update automatically, so you must always do a manual update to be sure of having the latest version on the Linux platform.