How to … join a Thortspace sphere via a Join Link

“Someone sent me a web link like the one below … What do I do?”

Step 1 — Click or tap on the web link (or Paste it into a Web Browser URL line and click Go or use any other standard way of following a Web Address Link). When you go to the web link, the Web Version will open as shown in the graphic below.

Step 2 — Login or Register (if you are not already logged in and/or not already registered).

Either Login:

Or Register:

Step 3 — Click or tap the Join button. (If you follow a Join link and have not already been added to the sphere, you will be presented with a dialog box with a Join button on it.)

You have now joined the sphere and it will in the first instance appear in your web browser.

Currently users are not given any feedback after joining a sphere. However if you join a private sphere, you will see after you have joined that you can view the sphere in the browser, whereas before joining it you couldn’t. And in the case of both private and public spheres, once you have joined the sphere, you can open the sphere in the Thortspace App (see below for how to do this), and then enjoy whatever additional privileges — such as adding thorts — you have been granted.

If you want to add thorts to a sphere that has been shared with you to participate on, you will need to open the sphere in the Thortspace App.

Step 1 — Install the Thortspace App (if you haven’t already installed it). To do this, go to the Downloads and AppStores links page on :

Step 2— Click or tap the “Open In App” button in the Web Browser (while looking at the sphere you want to open in the App).

Step 3— Click or tap the “Open In Thortspace” button in the popup confirmation dialog (or the equivalent button for your browser and operating system).

The sphere will now open in your Thortspace App, and you will be able to add thorts, according to the permissions you have been granted by the owner of the sphere.