How to … Publish Thortspace spheres to the web with one click (or thereabouts)

I know many of you woke up this morning wondering how to get your Thortspace spheres onto a web page, as shown below in Google Chrome:

There’s a video about how to publish Thortspace spheres here on our YouTube channel:

You can visit the sphere in the graphic at the top by following the link below to see it in your own browser:

Here are the steps you need to do publish your spheres to the web:

(1) First, if you haven’t already done so, you need to register a Thortspace Free Cloud Account. See the linked article below on how to do this.

(2) All the rest is easy. You remember I said one click, at the beginning… that click is coming up. (When I say one click I was assuming you already had a thortspace account.)

Go to the sphere you want to publish to the web, open the Share tab and click the To Public button… that’s it. That’s the one click.

(3) Ok, so what is the URL? … that is why I said “one click (or thereabouts)” …

Go to the sphere menu and select Get Sphere URL … the URL of your sphere will be copied onto your clipboard. Just for fun, you could go paste it into a comment below this article, and then we can all enjoy visiting your sphere… Happy publishing !

Here’s another example: