How to … Register a Free Thortspace account

(1) Here’s how to register a free dual-purpose Thortspace account.

From the home screen inside your Thortspace App, click the My Account button:

(2) Click the Register button:

(3) Enter your email address and password and click the Agree and Register button.

(4) You are now registered and logged-in in your Thortspace App.


A when you register a Thortspace account in this way you get two things (hence “dual-purpose” in the text at the tope):

(1) You get a Free 30-day Trial of Thortspace Premium Service (sometimes called Thortspace Premium Cloud Service or

(2) When the 30-day Trial expires, your account will carry on working on spheres that are shared with you by Thortspace Premium Cloud Subscribers. This enables you to participate on spheres shared with you by Premium Subscribers without having to pay for a subscription yourself. This second aspect is permanent and free of charge and there is no expiry limit set on it.

In other words, you only need to pay for a Premium Subscription if you want to be the owner of spheres that you will collaborate on with others or you want to publish spheres to the web. The owner of spheres has control of who has access to those spheres, and the kind of access that people have.