(8) How to … store the same set of thorts in multiple alternative Arrangements and switch effortlessly between them

Thortspace allows users to store multiple alternative arrangements of the set or subsets of information and switch fluidly between these arrangements. Thortspace — beyond 3D mind-mapping
I’m not sure whether these thorts should stay where they are or go into a group on their own …
… and perhaps this thought just isn’t helping and I should get rid of it. Thortspace Arrangements can help me here.

Open the Arrange tab.

Tap (or click) this button to add a New arrangement.

Type in a name for your new arrangement. [Types “Alternative” ]

A new arrangement is created.

While working in the new arrangement, I’ll move these thorts into a separate group and call it “Where shall we go?”

And I’ll delete this thort.

I’ve made some other changes in my new arrangement.

Now I can switch back and forth between my original arrangement …

… and my new arrangement.

Go into Do mode.

Arrangements can help me here too.

The steps above are demonstrated in the video below:

One Desktop machines you can cycle through Next and Previous Arrangements on a sphere by pressing Control+p or Command+p on Mac (“p” standing for Previous) and Control+n or Command+n (“n” standing for Next).

Also if you’re feeling adventurous try Control+L / Command+L ! (Press it again to turn it off.) You can use the Arrow Keys, Left and Right, to cycle through each of your groups of Thorts (bringing each one in turn to front and centre) while you are in this mode (and also while you are not in it).

Andrew is a Product Designer at Thortspace, the world’s first collaborative 3D mind mapping software. More stories here.