How to … Subscribe to Thortspace Premium Service

Thortspace Premium Service is a cloud-based subscription service which Thortspace users can subscribe to when you want to: 
(1) Sync your spheres between devices 
(2) Publish spheres and journeys to the web 
(3) Collaborate in real-time
(4) Share spheres to work on asynchronously with your team members.

For more information about Thortspace Premium Services, have a look at the second half of this article:

Only sphere owners need to subscribe to Thortspace Premium Service. If you want to collaborate with others on spheres that they own, you do not need to subscribe, you only have to register a free Thortspace Free account.

When you register a Thortspace Free account, you get given a free 30-day trial of Thortspace Premium Service.

If you decide you would like to keep using Thortspace Premium after the 30-day trial completes, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Go to the “Purchase” page …

2. Click the “Buy now !” button.

3. If you are not logged in to the website, you will be prompted to log in. Use the same email and password that you use inside the Thortspace editor app. (This is important. When you buy your subscription, the subscription will be associated with the email account you use to log in with.)

4. Before you buy a subscription, now that you have logged in, lets just have a look at your account page on . It should look something like this:

5. Now go back to the Buy Now page, and enter your payment information (and discount coupon code if you have one). Then click the “Buy now” button.

Note: When you subscribe to Thortspace Premium, you get an extra 14-days of free trial of the Thortspace Premium subscription service which starts on the day you subscribe. If you cancel your subscription during these 14 days you will not be charged. (This is sometimes called a “cooling off” period.)

6. Now that you have subscribed to Thortspace Premium, lets have another look at your account page on :

14-days after you sign up for your subscription you will be charged for your first subscription amount, and you will be notified by email.