(7) How to … use the Search tab in Thortspace to find and link related spheres

Andrew has been thinking about what to do for a family holiday…
The previous year the family rented a holiday cottage in Kent. Andrew remembers making a sphere about the previous holiday and he thinks it might have some useful insights on it. But how can he find it?

Open the search tab.

Type in the search text, eg. “Kent”.

Tap (or Click) Go or Done.

Search will return all the spheres that have the search text either in the title or in text on the sphere. In the screenshot below, you can see that Search has found three spheres contain the word “Kent” either in the title or in text on the sphere.

Drag a sphere from the sphere’s list and drop it onto your current sphere.

This will link these two spheres together.

Now you can move around easily between the related spheres by tapping or clicking on the sphere you want to go to.

Note: You can move a sphere that is linked to the “current” sphere (the one that is in the middle) by dragging it relative to that sphere. You can re-position your view of the current scene by dragging the surface of the current (ie. central) sphere.

The steps above are demonstrated in the video below:

Andrew is a Product Designer at Thortspace, the world’s first collaborative 3D mind mapping software. More stories here.