(11) How to … use the Share tab to Collaborate on Thortspace spheres

Andrew wants to share the sphere he’s making about the family holiday with Jenny, so she can join in.

Thortspace supports 3 ways of sharing spheres with your friends and colleagues:

(1) You can share with your facebook friends by selecting them from a list:

Here are the 4 steps to share via an email address

(3) Or you can share with a URL, by pasting it into a chat window … this is what I’m going to do below:

Open the ‘share’ tab.

Tap (or click) the Share button.

Tap (or click) the Get URL button.

The sharing URL is copied onto the device clipboard.

Go to a messenger window and choose paste.

When a recipient clicks the link, they will be added as a collaborator on the sphere.

The steps above are demonstrated in the video below:

There is another article about collaborating and sharing spheres in Thortspace here: (it covers a lot of the same information, but also considers sharing and collaborating in Thortspace from a wider perspective)

Andrew is a Product Designer at Thortspace, the world’s first collaborative 3D mind mapping software. More stories here.