Thortspace is turning out to be a bit like Marmite

(And I don’t mean that it tastes disgusting.)

On the one hand:

“I’ll pass on thort, don’t go for subscriptions nor sending data to someone I don’t know. At least with Amazon, Google, Dropbox, Apple or big names there is some level of peace of mind. Don’t like the look either, neither videos/website nor the clunky product itself.”

(see )

Or take this review on playstore:

“Just too complicated - way too complicated to do basically nothing”

(see )

(No, don’t hold back! Tell us how you really feel.)

On the other hand, here is an email I just received (names removed):

To the thortspace team:::
I want to personally congratulate your team on building what is nothing short of extraordinary in the space of mind mapping.
I have seen a lot of mind mapping tools but the thortspace tool transcends them all — and in a big way.
This tool epitomizes software at its best. Easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to express oneself in.
Thanks again for such a rich user experience.
Warm regards.

(feedback email received from an enthusiastic user)

If you’d like to make up your own mind — and I mean that literally! :-) — you can download the free Thortspace app (which incidentally will work fine as a standalone app, without any connection to our cloud service — which cloud service, if you do decide you want to use it, as it happens stores all its encrypted data on “big name” Google’s cloud storage) from here:

Install the Free Thortspace App on Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and Linux… The world’s first collaborative 3D mind mapping software. Breakthrough thinking, whenever and wherever it is needed most.

Or if you’d just like to see some examples, have a look here:

Social Media Explained

Twitter: I’m eating a #donut
Facebook: I like donuts
Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts
Instagram: Here is a vintage photo of my donut
YouTube: This is me eating a donut
LinkedIn: My skills include donut eating
Pinterest: Here’s a donut recipe
LastFM: Now listening to “donuts”
G+: I’m a google employee who eats donuts 
Quora: Who is the biggest donut?
Thortspace: How can I get more donuts?

Andrew is a Product Designer at Thortspace, the world’s first collaborative 3D mind mapping software. Thortspace enables breakthrough collaborative thinking, whenever and wherever you need it most. More stories here.