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Everything you need to know about the expansion of Thorus to Moonbeam!

We have more details to share with you since we announced our expansion to Moonbeam! All the cross-chain features on Thorus will be live very soon! But first of all, if you missed our initial article about our expansion on the Moonbeam network and our partnership with Multichain, we strongly recommend you to read it first! ⬇️

Ok you’ve read it? Good. Let’s get started!

Previous experience has taught us controlling emissions is one of the most import aspects of a platform. That is why we moved to a holder first model. The same remains true for our cross-chain expansion to Moonbeam.

The emissions from our Reserve Fund will be what allows for emissions cross-chain. As such our max cap of 200M THO over 4 years remains unchanged. Thorus’ emissions will be constantly monitored, thoroughly analyzed, and frequently adjusted depending on market, network performance, and many more factors. More on this below.

When Moonbeam sir? 😅

We‘re aware you can’t wait for the Thorus cross-chain feature to be ready. The good news is that the swap function on Moonbeam network is now live! You are able to provide liquidity as well!

The THO token will become bridgeable via Multichain most likely several hours later.

Last, Farms and Bonds will start later this week or early next week. There is no rush as we don’t need to spend rewards when there are still no users. Moreover, withdrawals from many exchanges are still locked.

THO Emission schedule on the Moonbeam network

As you may know, 25% of all the Thorus emissions are allocated to our Reserve Fund (learn more about THO allocations here) that allows the protocol to expand cross-chain easily and efficiently.

Therefore the platform will use the funds of the Reserve to provide the initial attractive APRs on Moonbeam!

On Month 1, we will use proportionally higher emissions when compared to the full 4 year timeline. In this case, 2M THO tokens. Liquidity will likely be low and trade volumes as well, thus it makes sense to use Month 1 primarily as a Treasury building exercise.

As such, we will devote 70% (1.4M THO) of the 2M THO emissions to Bonding. The other 30% (600K THO) will go to Farms (see on which pairs in the next section).

Distribution of the THO rewards on Month 1 on Moonbeam Network.

After the first month is over, we will evaluate our results on this chain and define more precisely the next emissions schedules.

If Moonbeam gets some traction and TVL, making Thorus really big there, we could increase our emission allocations by taking some emissions out of the Avalanche network.

If we’re not satisfied with our results, we could decrease or even fully stop the emissions if we think it’s not worth spending rewards for the chain. We would then return the remaining rewards back to the Reserve Fund and prepare our actions for the next promising chain!

Anyway, that does not mean that we would definitely give up this chain. If in 3-4 months MoonBeam gets a lot of traction, we could always return emissions towards this chain very fast, as we will have the infrastructure ready!

The main idea of Thorus is to have everything deployed on many chains (eg: 6, 7, or 8 chains), and to rotate emissions towards the best ones depending on where Thorus can capture the most capital and userbase!

Initial farming pairs on the Moonbeam network

Although there will be a GLMR-USDC pair (as that is where the volume will be), our goal is to launch mainly THO-based farms on MoonBeam.

Here are the main reasons:

1- There will not be enough trading volume initially for fees to accumulate (which means revenues will be low) and we don’t want to misuse any emissions.

2- There won’t be enough TVL, so it would make no sense to give big APRs for pairs like WBTC-USDC while there is no TVL and volume to return some of that investment back to the Treasury.

3- We need to attract, on each network, the early investors who are looking for good projects. That’s why we are not focusing solely on the farmers and TVL on MoonBeam.

You will find below the initial pairs that will be available on Moonbeam network:

  • THO-GLMR (main pair)

We will also provide a small amount of liquidity on ETH-USD and GLMR-USDC.

Initial bonds on the Moonbeam network

While we’re expanding, Bonds will play an important role for the platform to acquire and own a lot of liquidity, that will go to its treasury to support the backing price of THO. This, in return, will also contribute to the stability of STATIK, our stable coin.

This is why we have decided to allocate 70% of the THO coming from the Reserve Fund to deliver Bonds on the Moonbeam network.

The first bonds we will be as follow:

  • USDC

We hope that this article helped you to understand how we are going to proceed with this first cross-chain expansion, and we are very excited to share this journey with you!

About Thorus

Thorus is an all in one cross-chain DeFi Platform with an adaptable treasury system, and a token holder first approach. All protocol functions are designed to reinforce this mentality. Each feature is part of an ecosystem that continually drives value back to the THO token, benefiting holders and stakers above all.

The project also aims to be amongst the first AMM’s with Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL).

Contact us

If you have any questions or thoughts, please join us on our social networks!

Discord | Twitter | Telegram (announcements only)



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