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Introducing LotTHO Launchpad, our brand new Launchpad model!

Are you a real DeFi player? If so, keep reading! Otherwise… keep reading anyway! You will probably change your mind with LotTHO Launchpad, our brand new multichain lottery-style Launchpad!

Since many of our community members have been asking for a lottery system for a while now and they also love launchpad, we have decided to gather the best of both worlds in an innovative way! This combination will immensely boost our DAO treasury while ensuring the launched project succeeds long term.

It will work first on the Avalanche and Moonbeam networks, then obviously on every new chain that Thorus will expand to over the time!

Ok, I have kept reading… but as a holder, what’s my personal interest exactly?

This particular funding method provides users the opportunity to earn massive allocations with only… 10 THO! 🤩

Yes, you read correctly, with tickets starting at 10 THO per piece, anyone can make a 4–5 figure return by purchasing a single launchpad ticket! Not only this model will ensure a smooth and effective launch for our partner projects, but this particular model will also be fair to all participants regardless of wallet size!

For every THO token holder and our partner projects, it’s a win-win situation!

How LotTHO Launchpad works?

Ok, we’ve got your attention now? 😎 Good. Let’s see how it works more precisely! Projects launching on Avalanche or Moonbeam network will now be able to select a lottery-type raise if they wish to, by introducing winning tickets.

For example, if a project wants to raise 900,000 THO ($153,000 worth at the time of writing), an unlimited amount of tickets will be available to purchase at a rate of 60 THO per ticket ($10.2 worth per unit at the time of writing).

However, 500 winning tickets will also be generated (ie: 1800 THO worth of new token per winning ticket, which is worth $306 at the time of writing). Each winner will then make up to x30 ROI instantly! 😱

Not to mention that winners could expect a great progression of the partner’s token price after it is listed, increasing their final ROI even more.

More details about LotTHO Launchpad

Users will be allowed to buy as many tickets as they wish (and therefore win multiple tickets!), with each subsequent purchase increasing their odds of receiving a winning ticket. This cycle will run between 5-10 days based on the size of the project, which means you can diversify your ticket purchases over multiple days!

There will be no rush, no gas war and no First Come First Served model!

In addition, all tickets sold over the set raise limit, which in this example is 900,000 THO ($153,000 worth at the time of writing), will be directed in the following weights.

Let’s say $250,000 worth of THO token have been over-raised:

  • 50% (ie: $125,000 worth of THO) of total excess ticket sales will be redistributed as sTHO token to extra lucky people that will be randomly selected from ALL the tickets! This will ensure the chance of winning will continue to grow and the rate of return on purchased tickets increases drastically.
    But here is the greatest part: as you might know, sTHO token is a receipt token symbolizing each staked THO. Which means the winners will automatically start earning more yields from the moment they will receive their freshly-won sTHO tokens in their wallet!
  • Cherry on the top, 10% out of these 30% (ie: $7,500 worth of sTHO) will go to a SINGLE LUCKY WINNER! This very fortunate person will thus make a net profit of $7,489.80 + he or she will start earning passive and automatic yields from holding sTHO tokens!

👉 BENEFITS: You didn’t win the first draw? You get extra chances! 😍

  • 25% (ie: $62,500 worth of THO) will be split between the STATIK Reserve Fund and our Treasury to ensure our path towards becoming over-collateralized continues. Any THO that gets deposited will be able to be loaned on outside platforms to generate consistent yields and help supporting its backing price.

👉 BENEFITS: “Token Holder First” model, remember??? 🤗

  • 25% (ie: $62,500 worth of THO) will be allocated to the launched project itself through additional token buybacks, which subsequently weighs our Treasury heavier in well-performing projects.

👉 BENEFITS: We’re helping the token price of our partner to increase progressively, while our Treasury keeps growing, supporting the THO backing price! 🚀

In order to secure both holders and new projects, a Soft Cap will be set for each presale, which will represent 30% of the total amount a project wants to raise. Even though it’s very unlikely to happen, if the total amount of sold tickets is less than this Soft Cap, the launch will be cancelled and every participant will get a refund for the tickets they’ve purchased.

A launchpad serving our partners and the ecosystem

Like our previously discussed Launchpad styles, an allocation would then get added as part of the initial liquidity of the launched project itself. THO holders would benefit not only by receiving units on a well-performing project, but just as significantly, it will also benefit the project by providing more liquidity at the start, which would help prevent any volatility. This setup prioritizes growth and stability for every project launched through Thorus.

We are excited to see this style be implemented in future Launchpad raises!

Want to launch your project with LotTHO Launchpad? Contact us! ⬇️

As you may have read, our Launchpad is a win-win situation between you, the Thorus ecosystem, and our holders. Furthermore, it can adapt its model to many variations, depending on your needs.

Therefore, if you’re willing to launch your project on Avalanche or Moonbeam network, please use our contact form or contact one of our admins on Discord and we will answer you shortly!

About Thorus

Thorus is an all in one cross-chain DeFi Platform with an adaptable treasury system, and a token holder first approach. All protocol functions are designed to reinforce this mentality. Each feature is part of an ecosystem that continually drives value back to the THO token, benefiting holders and stakers above all.

The project also aims to be amongst the first AMM’s with Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL).

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-- is an all in one cross-chain DeFi Platform with an adaptable treasury system, and a token holder first approach. All protocol functions are designed to reinforce this mentality. Each feature is part of an ecosystem that continually drives value back to the THO token!

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