Thought Bursts, Volume 2

This is a little experiment I am running in which I publish “bursts” of thoughts that are of meaning to me, in the moment. I am curious to see where this leads. I hope you are too. This may or may not turn into a regular thing, we’ll see.

As I approach my last week at Blade I am reminded of some lessons I’ll be taking with me to whatever is next. So, here are some topics I’ve been reminiscing about lately that have helped me get through times of change.

Knowing your values and sticking to them.

You know you best. Get comfortable breaking the mold of what is traditionally expected of you in the interest of doing what you know will make you feel good.

Trusting your gut.

It’s often easy to persuade yourself to believe something that challenges your gut feeling. It’s good to explore options and opportunities in front of you, but going with your gut may increase the chances of more easily accepting accountability for your current and future state of being.

Control can come in many forms.

No matter how much control you think you lack, you are in full control to create some sort of change. Just be sure the control you seek is not being driven by your ego, that’s not the sort of thing you want driving your desire for control.

You are at least 50% responsible for your happiness at work.

You made the choice to be at the company you are at now, with a certain set of expectations, of course. You are in complete control to change things in the interest of seeking your appropriate level of happiness.

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