Local Area Man is So Productive He Makes Time for Self Doubt and Crippling Anxiety

Because efficiency is key

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Tom Feller (23, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY) is a jack of every trade. You name it, he probably has done it. But he has his main passions that he focuses on most of the time as well. He runs a startup company called “Jack”, a social networking blogging site like Medium but for local economies (We had trouble understanding his pitch).

He lives a very healthy lifestyle. He does yoga, he’s vegan and he runs 7 miles a day. He believes the key to being so productive is to start with a healthier lifestyle. He is so healthy he only needs 3 hours of sleep a day. He has gotten so productive, he is even able to make time for “negative” things.

Just last night, he spent 4 hours in self doubt and crippling anxiety but he was still able to finish that earnings report for his startup before midnight. Tom doesn’t like uncertainty. He isn’t sure if people understand the vision he has for his company. He wasn’t sure if it was worth it to finish the earnings report because of the dread of seeing the numbers of the other side. He thought he should just pack it up and quit and go find a real job. But after that 4th hour was over, he picked himself up from his bootstraps and got to work.

“Living a healthier lifestyle is how I got to where I am. I used to spend all my time in self doubt and crippling anxiety and got nothing done. But now, I am able to cry about the uncertainty in life and finish my startup logo design right after.” — Tom

If you’re so productive that you’re able to get into a 3 hour comment war with someone on Facebook every day and still run a company, you know you have made it.

Disclaimer: This is satire. Nothing written here reflects personally on anyone or any entity and are not necessarily the opinions of the writer. We are just having fun.


Matt — for asking me the question: “How do you have time for self-doubt and crippling anxiety?”

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