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Jun 5 · 6 min read

I don’t know how to become a better writer.

And these quotes will probably not help you to become a better writer.

Because the only thing that will ever help you to become a better writer is to write.

So go and write…

Over the years I’ve developed a few basic ideas that I try to live by every single day.

Some of them I might have picked up somewhere else. Some of them I somehow came up with.

And those are all ideas that help me to write. Even when I don’t feel like writing.

They help me every single day when in sit in front of my laptop.

They help me to turn a blank page into a page filled with thoughts.

Actually, that’s not true.

I never start with a blank page. I always start on a page that already has tons of stuff on it.

Maybe that’s already a secret in itself. I don’t know…


I always write for myself. I write down the ideas I had. The thoughts I had. The things that kept my mind busy thinking. Sometimes I write longer posts. Sometimes shorter posts. Depending on whether or not I feel like writing more about a thought. And then I share those thoughts in public. What I write are my personal notes to self gone public. Writing is my medicine. I just happen to share it with the world. Whether you take that medicine, whether you get something out of it is totally up to you…


People constantly argue about quantity versus quality. What’s more important? I say good for them. And while those people argue about it and think about what’s better I’ve already written my second post of the day. Maybe even my third post of the day. Who cares? The only way to ever achieve quality is through quantity. That’s the only way you’ll ever get better at what you do…


You can turn everything into a blog post, a video or what not. Everything can be an inspiration. But you’ve gotta be open for inspiration. Many of my blog posts, like this one right here were created after someone left a comment on one of my posts. Is it good? Is it bad? I don’t care. Someone might find value in it. So why do I even write? Because everything I write are my personal notes I hope to get back to some time later in life. Maybe I’ll never get back to them ever again. Who knows? So I share them online. So maybe they don’t go to waste. Whether it will really help someone other than myself is another question.


Most people try to write for everyone. To increase views, likes or what not. And when you do that you basically end up writing for no one. I try to avoid that. I’m not sure. Maybe this article is for too many people already. It’s a listicle after all.

But then again, I know that the listicle readers won’t read the details. They will only read the headlines and miss the most important parts. They won’r read this sentence right here for example. Just the bold one above. They miss the small, the insignificant parts while they’re busy rushing from one high to the next without realizing the lady on the street corner who’s painting her nails.

They miss the beauty of life in the small things. And the big things as well. Or maybe I’m missing it. Who knows? But the people who really need to read this, will read it. I don’t know what it is. But sometimes the right people end up reading the right thing just at the right moment when they have to read it.

Just like in 2013 when I came across a book that lead me to another book that then lead me to another book that then somehow changed my life…


I never have writer’s block. I just write about the things I know. Or the things I think about. If you do that then you will never have writer’s block. I know. It takes a lot of courage. And it might not help you to build a “brand” very fast. It’s not a good idea to choose this approach if you want to build a brand fast. If you want to build a brand fast it’s better to choose a niche.

But then you’ll run out of ideas very soon. So that’s what I do. I write about the stuff I know. I write about what’s going on inside my head. I write about the things I’ve learned. The things I’ve seen. The things I’ve observed. I feel that too may people try to write about stuff they don’t know nothing about. Just to build a brand. Or get more clients. Or what not.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s very important to have a so called “brand” these days. I’m even working on an online course where I tell everything I’ve learned about building a brand online. Today it’s important to put your work out there. To have a few people who know about you. So when the shit hits the fan you’re ready. After all, your CV, that piece of paper is pretty much useless.

Everybody has a CV filled with a lot of nonsense. I also have a CV filled with a lot of nonsense. A LOT! And when was the last time I showed anyone my CV? Around 6 years ago… And a CV will become more and more useless. What really matters is the work you’ve created and put out there. What matters are the people who know about you. And not the people you know…


The world is big. And one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. This sentence right there actually helps a lot when people tell you that you could do better than that. Or that you should do something else. Or what not. Or maybe it only helps me. Maybe…


Most of my posts aren’t that good. But that’s ok. They’re mostly just for myself. And most people forget the bad stuff anyway. What they remember is the good stuff. So it’s ok to just hit a home run just every once in a while. And not every time. It takes away a hell lot of pressure. What do you remember that I wrote in the last 4 weeks?


When you’re trying to being yourself, when you’re doing your thing and when you’re not trying to be someone you’re not, you’ll mostly only attract people who can identify with your stuff. And the ones who don’t will walk away sooner or later.

On the other hand when you’re not your true self you’ll attract all sorts of people you don’t want to attract or deal with. And then it’s all a big mess.I mostly write how I talk and don’t care about grammar. I don’t write perfect English so I automatically filter out the grammar police or other people I don’t want to deal with. After all, I don’t want to convince anyone of anything I say. That’s too much of a hassle. I’m just taking notes for my future self and the people who want to listen…


I know. This sounds cliché. But it’s true. You can write about whatever you want to. There really are no rules. You can make as many mistakes as you want to. You can show as many or as little feelings as you want to. There’s no boss who’s going to yell at you. Or people who want to fire you. Or what not. This is your space.

The blank page is your castle. Your home. Your temple…

The blank page is probably one of the few places left on this planet where you’re free to do or say whatever you want to. Now I know what many people might think… but what about that country where they don’t.. blah, blah, blah… and more of this BS.

Those kinds of people never changed anything in the world. And never will change anything in the world. Or in their lives. You own your blank page. Period. Whether you use it just for yourself, share it with the entire world or whatever you do with it is entirely up to you. It’s your free space where you can be yourself and say what you want to say without getting punished, bullied or what not.

This is your space. Don’t waste it…

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Thought Pills

Handpicked thoughts about life, entrepreneurship and business for real human beings. Home to inspiring life lessons, creativity, writing and self improvement stories on Medium.

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