About that one time I started a company in China (5/30)

I never thought about starting a company. It just happened…

Back then in 2009 I didn’t even know what a startup was. I had no clue about anything. But I liked the thought of not having to go back to Germany because I didn’t want to start looking for a job. So starting a business seemed like a great idea.

It was a total coincidence and not planned at all. Most of the good things in life seem to be a total coincidence. And most of the things you try to plan and map out usually turn into something horrible. Or into things that don’t work out.

That’s at least been the case for me pretty much all the time. For pretty much everything. So I stopped planning.

Here’s the thing…

To me it seems that most people wait for that perfect set of cards to go all in. Most people wait for that one big idea. That one big master plan. That one person who’s going to save them. But this never really happens. This only happens in Hollywood.

That perfect hand will never come. Because that perfect hand doesn’t really exist.

That one big idea will never come. Because that one big idea is the result of many small ideas.

That big master plan will never come. Because that big master plan doesn’t really exist.

Just like no one is ever going to save you. Because only you can.

Most things in life are a coincidence. And they all start with a first small step. When you take a step without really knowing what could happen next. When everything and nothing is possible.

Even me writing this right here is a total coincidence. I never planned any of this.

It’s a coincidence that started when I first met my business partner in China in 2009. We totally randomly met in a hostel in Shanghai. And it turned out that we were in the same exchange program. And then it turned out that we were in similar courses.

And then one thing lead to another and boom! two years later I was almost broke and had to go back home to Germany to find a job to fill up my bank account.

And it all started with a first step. Without really knowing what could happen next. Everything and nothing was possible. And without that first step I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this.

And then again, when I came back to Germany one thing led to another and I ended up working in venture capital for a bit in Berlin and New York. Until I decided to quit my job. And then I wrote a book about it.

And because that book wasn’t a success and I didn’t have a job anymore and every time I checked my bank account the numbers were getting smaller and smaller, I knew I had to come up with some more ideas. And then some more.

Until all of this somehow led me to writing a book and publishing one part of it for 30 days and releasing it on day 31. And in case you haven’t noticed yet, this is a part of that book.

Everything started with that initial coincidence. It all started with that one step that could mean nothing and everything. That one step that led to everything.

So what’s my point here?

I guess there is no point. There are just coincidences. And recognizing and grabbing opportunities when they show up. Instead of hunting them down. Because what happens when you want something so badly that it hurts is that you’re going to end up nowhere.

It’s like the universe and everybody around you can feel your desperation. It’s like they can smell it. And in our world, no one really wants to deal with someone who’s desperate.

And that’s the story about that one time I started a company in China.

How one coincidence led to another.

And how one step led to many more steps…

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