Collecting pieces

by Yann Girard

Life is all about collecting pieces.

Pieces of an unknown puzzle. A puzzle we have no clue about what it might look like once we’re done with it. Once we’re done with collecting the pieces. Once we have a true piece of art.

And that’s what makes life so damn hard.

We think we know what our puzzle might look like once it’s done. But we don’t.

And then we live our lives according to that final puzzle we have in mind.

But we don’t keep in mind that this puzzle, our puzzle might look totally different from what we expected it to look like once we collected the first initial pieces.

And that’s when it might get dangerous. When we keep collecting pieces that only fit to that one final piece of art. Excluding all the other possible pieces.

Limiting yourself to your imagination and the things you think you’re capable of achieving right now limits the final piece of art. Because we tend to underestimate what we’re capable of doing. Always.

So instead of trying to predict the future, instead of trying to predict how your puzzle might look like once it’s done, try to collect as many different pieces as possible.

Collect pieces that might not make any sense at all right now. Collect pieces that don’t seem to fit at all. The thing is that most pieces only make sense when you look at them in retrospect.

Most of the pieces only make sense once your final piece of art is done..

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