How I grew my Medium Traffic from 0 to 30k+ a Month

by Yann Girard

Over the past few months I tried to boost my traffic on Medium. Mainly because in an earlier post I said that people shouldn’t blog on Medium. And I still believe that Medium shouldn’t be your main blogging outlet.

But it’s a really nice addition to increase your exposure. And I’m going to tell you how I was able to grow my views from 0 to 30k+ a month. So buckle up..

Just a few months ago in July of last year I had less than 1k views on Medium.

The first thing I did was to write more consistently. Every post I published on my blog, I directly copied & pasted it into Medium.

Before that I only posted my blog posts on Medium every once in a while. I thought it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

Posting the 2–3 blog posts I published on my blog every week on Medium as well increased my traffic from 1k to 6k in just a month. I guess consistency really pays off. You can see the pictures below.

Traffic Growth on Medium from July to August

Now that I was seeing some traffic increase with the more posts I published on Medium I needed some growth.

And what I did to grow some more is that I started adding hundreds of people EVERY day. I added people who:

  • Recommended similar posts to mine that were in the top posts section
  • Followed people who follow people that do similar stuff to my stuff (e.g. James Altucher, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, etc.)
  • Upvoted my posts but I didn’t follow them, yet

And the results were pretty damn amazing. I did this for a month or so. In October I was able to boost my views to 13k+ to end up with 33k+ views in November. Ever since I’m constantly getting 30k+ views (without adding new people).

Medium traffic November

Needless to say that the content you’re posting has to be really, really good. If you write shitty content no one will upvote, like or recommend anything.

But as you can tell by my numbers, it also took quite some time until I got it right. The thing that helped me to take off (a little bit at least) was to add hundreds of people every day after I increased the amount of posts per week (I post every day now).

It’s that simply. But not easy. I guess it’s right what they say.

If you want to see real results, you’ve gotta put in real work..

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