How to feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable

You’ll never feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable.

No matter what your morning routine looks like.

No matter how many to do lists you have.

No matter how organized you are.

No matter how many books or blog posts you’ve read.

Or how many life hacks you’ve integrated into your life.

Doing something uncomfortable will always make you feel uncomfortable.

No matter what.

But just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.

Or stop doing it when it still feels uncomfortable after a while.

Hitting the publish button after that 100th blog post will still make you feel uncomfortable.

Just like shooting that 20th YouTube video.

Or standing on stage and giving your 30th talk this year.

Or singing that song for the 40th time.

If it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable anymore it probably means that you’re too comfortable.

That it’s probably time to shake things up again.

That it might be time for something else.

The moment you start feeling comfortable is the moment you stop experimenting, innovating and trying out new things.

It’s the moment you stop exploring.

The moment you stop challenging yourself…

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