How to get noticed

No one will magically find out about you. Ever…

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This is something I haven’t talked about that much, yet. But a lot of people have asked me this over and over. It’s the one missing link. How do you even get noticed? How do you make your ideas spread?

I don’t know how to get noticed. I don’t know how people might find out about you. I only know what I did. And that’s what I’m going to share with you right here.

Look. I get it. Sometimes (well, actually in 99% of the cases) you can put in so much work for so many years and still nothing really happens. And maybe you’ve even taken a look at all of these online courses out there that want to teach you how to build an audience. How to send traffic to your website or your blog.

But you just can’t to make it seem to work out. And I know. This happens. With almost all of the advice out there on how to build your audience. Or how to send traffic to your site. Most of the advice just doesn’t work. Most of the advice comes from people who’ve never even done it themselves before.

There’s so much B.S. out there that won’t get you anywhere. That’s why I’ll share one of my biggest secrets with you on how I started. On how most people found out about me. Maybe that’s also how you’ve found out about me. I don’t know.

And it’s the same trick over and over again. I’ve used it on every platform. On Twitter. On Medium. On Quora. Pretty much everywhere I’m active. Even Facebook for a while.

What I do is pretty simple. And no rocket science.

I follow people. Tons of people. Over and over again. And I don’t do it for a day or two or so. No. When I decide to focus on a new platform I do it every single day. For at least 2–3 months. Every single day. No matter what.

Here’s the thing about the world we live in today…

No one will magically find out about you. No matter how good you are. No matter if you’re the best writer out there. No matter if you’re the best singer out there. No matter if you have the best product or service out there.

You’ve gotta do something for it. Sure, you could invest in advertisement if you have a whole lot of money to waste. Which I don’t. And you probably also don’t have money to waste. Or you could become the protege of someone who pushes your work. Like Tim Ferriss or something. But I have no clue about how that works. But I’m sure it works.

Look. Here’s how I see things. When you’re an artist, like a singer for example you had to send your demo tapes to record labels. No matter if you were one of the best out there. You had to send them out. Sometimes to hundreds of record labels until someone might call you back.

The same holds true for writers. When you were an author you had to send your book proposals to hundreds and hundreds of publishers. And most of the time you wouldn’t even get a response from them.

Or when you had a physical product. You had to to get in touch with hundreds and hundreds of store owners to get it on the shelves. Or hundreds of meetings with some biz dev reps. Either way.

You had to send your stuff out there. No one would ever magically find out about your new product. Your new book. Your new songs. And so on. You had to pass through gatekeepers. Middlemen were controlling the game. And making the rules.

And today, things are different. Today there are no gatekeepers anymore. Today everything is decentralized. Today, there are no middlemen left anymore. Or they have a lot less influence. So instead of getting in touch with the gatekeepers, instead of sending them your work you’d have to send your work to your potential customers, readers or listeners directly.

And because everybody realized that there are basically no gatekeepers needed anymore, everybody started addressing their potential customers, readers and listeners directly. Actually, there are still gatekeepers. But these are now sort of “democratized” platforms.

But because everybody realized this huge opportunity, the opportunity that you can now directly reach millions of people without a gatekeeper through platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and also Medium, it gets harder and harder every single day to get noticed.

Because everybody is now fighting for your reader’s, customer’s or listeners attention. Simply designing a t-shirt and putting it on a platform like Teespring won’t do anything. Just like publishing a great article on Medium won’t do anything. Or putting a video on YouTube.

Simply because there are millions and millions of t-shirts, articles, books, products, videos or what not out there. So no one will even notice that you exist. No one. No matter how good you are. You need leverage first.

That’s why it’s so important that you send your stuff to people. And the way to do it today, the way how I do it is to follow people. Tons of people. Because then a lot of people will check out your profile. Check out your stuff. Maybe click on a link or two. And some of them will follow you back.

And then it’s about putting out great stuff over and over again. I put out stuff every single day. Sure, not all of it is great. But I try. It’s all just a numbers game. I think I said this in an earlier article already.

People’s timelines and newsfeeds are so crowded that it’s very likely that they’re not going to see your first update. It’s also very likely that they’re not going to see your third, fourth or fifth update of the week. But it’s really hard to miss all of your 7 updates of the week.

But they need to see your stuff as much as possible. Because it builds up trust. And anticipation. It creates real fans. If no one sees your stuff, they’ll never become true fans. That’s why publishing one update a week won’t be enough anymore. Especially on these crowded platforms.

And I get it. Many successful people will tell you that all you’d have to do is to create super good content. To be authentic. And so on. But here’s the biggest problem they don’t tell you…

You’ll be competing with them on every new platform out there. And by the way, they blast out at least 3–4 updates A DAY on most of the platforms. And here’s why you’ll directly be competing with all the people out there who are already successful, who already have an audience. They can easily leverage their existing audience on that new, new platform. They can easily send out an email to their followers that they’re now on Medium, or on Snapchat. Or what not.

That’s a leverage you’ll never ever have when you’re starting from scratch. Whatever it is that you’re trying to start from scratch. You’ll always be competing with the big brands. The mega influencers. The best selling authors.

And not only this. The leverage they already have will lead to even more leverage because their existing fans will like their stuff, spread their stuff, hit that share button and then they’ll reach even more people.

That’s not unfair or anything. That’s just the way it works. You’ve gotta build your audience once and once you were able to successfully do so you can leverage that audience over and over again.

And most of the time, you build your first audience by being the first on a new platform. The first who offers incredible value. The first to offer really good stuff. And once you’ve done that, you can leverage it over and over again.

That’s what Gary Vee has done on Twitter as he says. That’s what James Altucher has done with his blog and the huge email list he now has. They build their audience on one platform and can then simply leverage that platform. Over and over again.

By the way, if you’re reading this on Medium, Medium has even a built in leverage. Medium let’s you sign up with your Twitter account and then it will automatically follow everyone who follows you on Twitter. Or they will automatically follow you. Either way.

That’s a huge leverage. Because it allows you to automatically transport your audience from Twitter to Medium. That’s what gave me a leverage, also. When I signed up with my Twitter account I automatically had a few thousand followers without ever having written a single piece of content.

How did I get so many Twitter followers? By following thousands of people every single day. And then some of them followed me back. And then I signed up to Medium with that Twitter account and BOOM, I had a few thousand followers.

And then I followed more people on Medium. And over and over again. And then I started writing one article a day. And that’s what I’ve done ever since. That’s what I’ve done on basically every platform out there.

Will it still work when you read this?

Maybe. Maybe not. But if you’re really good it will still work. On every platform.

And then when you were able to build that momentum you’ve gotta make sure to use that leverage on that next platform that will come. And it will come. For sure.

And that’s how you get noticed. That’s how you get noticed when you don’t have a lot of cash and create good shit.

No matter if you’re a brand or a person…

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