I’m in doubt

I’m constantly in doubt. About everything.

I’m even in doubt about writing this piece right here.

I was in doubt about almost every other piece I wrote and published online.

I think about all the things that could happen.

I constantly feel that I’m not ready for this. That I don’t know how to do this or how to do that.

I think about the things people might think of me. About the doors some of the things I say, do or write might close for good.

I’m constantly in doubt about everything. But over time I learned to live with that doubt.

It’s not easy. And never was easy. And probably never will be easy.

But I learned to live with it. And I even started to cherish that feeling of doubt a little bit.

Because every time I’m in doubt I know that I’m doing the right thing.

Because every time I’m in doubt, I have to push my limits.

I have to push myself out of my comfortable little world.

To do the things I’m not ready for. To learn new things. And to experience new things.

It’s a struggle. Every single time. But it’s worth it.

Almost every single time..

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