I NEVER have goals

by Yann Girard

The other day someone asked me what my goals were for 2016. I told her the truth.

I told her that I never have any goals. Just like I never make plans.

Having goals and making plans takes away your flexibility. And many other things.

Just like most countries realized that it doesn’t make any sense to make 5 year plans, it doesn’t make any sense for a person to make plans. Or to have goals. At least not for me.

At the end of the day you’ll never be able to achieve your goals. Or your plans.

We just suck at setting goals. And making plans. Or predicting the future.

There are just way too many things you can’t control. Like your boss. Your bosse’s boss. How much someone loves you. The economy. The stock market. Or how well the Chinese economy is going to do next year.

And then we get upset. We get upset when the things we can’t control don’t work out the way we wanted them to work out.

Maybe you’re damn lucky and all of these things will always work out just fine.

But here’s more.

Making plans and having goals will in almost every case rob you from some of the greatest experiences and opportunities you’ll ever get in your life. And when I say you, I’m basically talking about myself.

If I had plans and goals I would never have lived in China for a few years. I would never have started a company. I would never have worked for one of the world’s largest telcos. I would probably not do what I’m doing right now.

All of these things were related. Not looking forward. But looking back. And if I skipped just one of these things, because they didn’t make any sense (they really didn’t), or because I had other plans, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this.

What I’d probably be doing instead is that I’d be sitting in a cubicle, frustrated and stuck, just because I was too busy chasing down my goals, making plans and ignoring all the other amazing opportunities around me.

What I do have though, instead of having goals and making plans is that I have an overall topic. An overall theme.

To learn as much as I can. And to create as many opportunities for me and the people around me as possible. And to plant seeds.

But I have no clue what I’ll learn next year. Or what opportunities I’m going to create next year. Or what seeds I’m going to plant next year.

Just like I have no clue about how the Chinese economy will do next year..

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