It’s that simple. But not easy.

by Yann Girard

Most things in life are simple. In theory. But they are not easy when it comes to implementing them in real life. When it comes to living these things.

Following a daily routine as part of a good life is simple. But applying and doing it is not so easy.

Its simple to eat healthy. But it’s not easy to do so. Not to say that it’s almost impossible with all the temptations out there.

Reading 30 pages a day is simple. But doing it and taking your time to really do it is not easy. It’s actually pretty damn hard.

Exercising two to three times a week is simple. Everybody can do it. But really doing it is not easy. And almost all of us struggle with it. And when I say us, I mean I.

Most life advice is super simple. So simple that it sometimes blows my mind. But applying all of this self help mumbo jumbo is not easy. At all.

Most of the time life is meant to be simple. But we tend to make it hard.

It really is that simple. But not easy…

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