Maybe the best thing you’ll read today…

… will be from someone you’ve never heard of before.

And chances are that you’ll never hear from that person ever again.

The barriers to entry are so low these days that everybody can start putting out stuff.

Everybody can start a business these days and make money online.

Everybody can write a book.

Or put out an online course.

Today, there are tools out there that do the work that just a few years ago you’d have needed to hire a few full time employees.

It’s insane how easy it’s gotten to get started with anything.

Today everybody can create everything.

Today everybody can be a creator.

And that’s the reason why the best thing you’ll read today will most likely be from someone you’ve never heard of before and will probably never hear from ever again.

Because it’s so damn easy to get started.

And so damn hard to keep going.

And so easy to just give up.

Most people give up so easily simply because it was so easy to get started in the first place…

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