Now or never

If you don’t do it now you’ll probably never do it.

Simply because with every single day passing by and you don’t do it, it gets bigger and bigger in your head.

So big that you cant possibly get started anymore.

And the longer you wait, the more doubts start to kick in.

Until they eat you alive..

“Who are you to even think that you could pull off something like this?”

But whatever it is that you’re thinking about doing, you gotta do it now.

Or never..

Even if it’s just one tiny piece of work.

Even if you just sign up for a new Instagram account.

It doesn’t matter.

As long as you get started today.

And then keep adding something new each and every day.

That’s the only way you’ll figure out all the rest.

By starting.

And then never ever stopping again.

Today is the day.

Or never..

Just like today was the only day I could have written this right here.

Either now or never…

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