by Yann Girard

We wait for opportunities to magically show up.

We wait for things to magically happen while we sit at home and wait for better times.

While we wait for more opportunities. For better opportunities.

We wait for that promotion to happen that we’ve been promised two years ago.

We wait for the support for that one project we pitched last year that everybody loved.

We wait for the call from that girl we met three weeks ago.

We wait for people to find out about our hidden talents.

We wait for that call from that investor who told us they’ll get back in touch in two weeks.

We wait for that guy at the bar to come over to talk to us until he leaves.

We wait for others to tap into our strengths and to unleash our potential.

But the truth is that none of these things will ever happen.

No opportunity will magically appear right in front of you.

No one will ever create any opportunities for you.

Because everybody else is busy creating their own opportunities..

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