Reading my stuff is a waste of your time…

Instead of reading this you could have kissed your wife.

Or your husband.

Or your boyfriend.

Or your girlfriend.

Or you could have spent a few more minutes with the kids.

You could have written your own small blog post.

Or maybe even started writing that book.

Or recording that song.

Or learning that instrument.

Or that language.

No matter what I’m going to tell you in this post right here, it won’t make you feel as good as any of the above.

It won’t make you as happy as any of the above.

I guarantee.

Here’s the thing…

Reading this or as a matter of fact anything online will probably never make you happy.

Or a better person.

Or a better what not.

Only action does.

Just think about all of the stuff you consumed this year.

And the time you spent consuming it.

Instead of spending your time consuming you could probably already have written a best seller.

Or started writing stuff online.

Or what not.

Heck, if you didn’t consume so much and instead produced more, I could have been the one reading this.

And you could have been the one writing this right here…

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