Reading this..

by Yann Girard

Reading this won’t make you more successful.

Reading about love won’t help you figure out how love really works.

Reading about how to become a better person won’t make you a better person.

Reading about how to start a company won’t help you to start a successful company.

As a matter of fact none of the things you read anywhere will really help you.

Including this..

It’s all just information you consume. And information is useless unless you turn it into knowledge.

You turn information into knowledge when you combine it with experience.

Just like that little kid you tell over and over again to not touch the hot plate.

What’s the one thing that kid wants to do the most?

Right. It wants to touch the hot plate.

Until she touched the hot plate. Then she will never touch the hot plate ever again. She learned her lesson. Now she knows what to do. Or not to do.

And this is when informaton turns into knowledge. When the things we might have understood consciously are combined with real world experiences. Then they will have a real impact on our actions.

But if we don’t combine information with real world experiences any information is pretty much useless.

And trying to skip the real world experience just doesn’t work for most of us.

Otherwise we would all already be super successful, be the best lovers out there, the success rate of new companies would be 100% and the world would be a peaceful place.

Which is obviously not the case.

All of this needs a hell lot of time, failures, iterations, getting back up again, broken hearts and misery.

So we prefer to just read about all of this stuff. It’s a lot more convenient.

What’s going to happen when you skip the real world experience, when you never touch that hot plate, is that you’ll constantly feel the desire to touch that hot plate.

And when you constantly want to touch that hot plate you’ll be distracted from becoming a better person, a better lover, more successful and everything else that might matter something to you..

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