Same cog, different system

It’s easy to mistake all of these new, disruptive and sharing economy based platforms for things that allow you to live a life in freedom.

A life where you can work whenever and wherever you want to.

Uber is probably one of the greatest inventions for people who have a car and need money. You turn on your phone and you can accept clients and start making money.

You are the master of your life.

Until you aren’t.

Until they don’t need you anymore.

Until drivers will be replaced by self driving cars…

Fiverr, 99 designs, Freelancer com, Upwork, etc. are the greatest platforms for people who know how to get stuff done. You put up your services and wait for people to pick you. You wait for projects (and the cash) to roll in.

You are the master of your life.

Until you aren’t.

Until all of these platforms have an AI that’s filled with millions of data points, millions of projects or what not that’s able to do 99% of the work you’re doing right now.

Just like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium and on and on and on helped you and me (especially me) to reach millions of people totally free of charge.

Until organic reach went down.

Until you couldn’t reach millions of people anymore, for free.

Until you had to pay for reach…

P.S. If a platform offers free organic reach right now, that’s likely going to change some time in the future. After all, all of these platforms are in the business of monetizing reach. They are in the business of being a business…

Maybe Amazon will soon come up with an AI that will write and publish best selling books.

Who knows?

I don’t…

Things work.

Until they don’t…

What’s worth noting here is the fact that all of these new platforms don’t really care that much about you in the long run.

What they care about is to replace the old with the new.

To become more and more efficient.

To be able to guarantee exponential growth.

To be able to make more and more money for shareholders.

That’s how they got to where they are right now.

By disrupting existing models and replacing them with new models…

This is not criticism.

Or praise.

It’s just the way it is.

Things become more and more efficient.

Things change.

Things become obsolete.

New things and skills replace the old.

Don’t be a cog in the (new or old) system.

And instead realize what’s going on.

What’s likely going to happen.

Rather sooner than later.

Realize that the only way that will ever lead to freedom is to leverage available opportunities (and platforms), to spread your risk across multiple platforms and projects so you can ultimately build your own platform.

Your own community.

Your own brand.

Don’t be a cog in the system.

And instead build your own system…

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