Spare time

That thing you’re trying to build in your spare time is probably not going to work out.

Simply because you’re going to compete with millions of other people who are doing it full time.

And some, if not most of them are experts.

At the same time you’d be competing with people (also mostly experts) who are getting paid to do it full time.

That’s why at one point you’ve gotta triple down.

And stop doing it in your spare time.

Which most people don’t do…

And the best, actually the only time to triple down is once that thing you’re trying to build is working out.

And not before…

Because if you don’t triple down and keep doing it on the side you’d be pushed out of the market by experts and people who do it full time.

And you’d be pushed out of the market lot faster than you’ve entered it…

Unless, of course, you already have enough money to hire experts to do it for you.

And everybody who’s telling you any different is trying to sell you the dream…

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