The Art Of The Re-Start

Or How To Keep Going When You Feel Like You Can’t

I get it. You have to fail your way to success. That’s what everybody out there says.

But what they usually don’t tell you is how you’re going to feel after each failure.

How every single time you fail at something it’s like a piece inside of you is dying.

No one tells you how you’re going to lose hope over time.

How you’re going to fall apart.

Little by little.

And no one prepares you for that.

No book in the world can prepare you for that.

No life coach in the world will be able to prepare you for the storm.

Because when the storm comes, all you can do is hide.

All you can do is hide away in a cave until the storm is over.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a failed business.

An ugly breakup.

The loss of a loved one.

No one tells you how to get back up again.

No one tells you how to keep going.

How to not lose hope.

And some times will be tougher than other times.

And some times you will feel like never getting back up again.

I’ve failed my way to success in almost every part of my life.

Well, not really.

But I feel like I’m getting closer to it.

Or that’s at least what I’m telling myself.

I’ve failed my way forward.

In business.

In writing.

In relationships.

And every other area in my life.

And it was painful every single time.

And every single time I felt like giving up.

Every single time I thought, this is it.

I’m never going to do something like this ever again.

And every single time I did it again.

I kept trying.

I think I’m addicted to trying.

I’m addicted to figuring things out.

Still, every time single time something doesn’t work out, it feels like a small piece inside of me is dying.

Failing your way to success is hard.

No matter what everybody else out there is telling you.

I would rather succeed at anything right away.

Because it’ll rip you apart.

Sure, over time you might get used to failure.

But that will take time. A lot of time.

And a lot of people out there will tell you 10, 20, 30 or maybe even more techniques to help you get back up again.

And most of it is just crap.

Just like this right here is crap.

Because there’s no one size fits all recipe to getting back up again when you’ve been punched in the face.

What might work for me might not necessarily work for you.

Something that might refill my batteries might suck all the energy out of you. And make things even worse.

But I think there’s one thing that will in the end decide about whether you’ll be able to get back up again. Over and over again.

And it doesn’t matter how rich, poor, educated, uneducated, smart, dumb, old or young are.

It doesn’t matter where you were born. What color your skin is. Or whether you’re male or female.

The one thing that will help you to get back up again over and over again is this…


Curiosity is the reason for everything.

It’s the reason why we keep exploring.

Why we keep trying new things.

Why we keep trying to understand things.

Why we keep trying to solve problems.

Why we keep looking for alternatives.

Curiosity has and always will bring you, us, them and the entire human race to the next level.

And the moment you lose your curiosity for life is the moment you’ve lost the battle.

The moment you lose your curiosity for life is the moment you’ll give up.

And you won’t be able to get back up again.

You’ll stop exploring.

You’ll stop trying new things.

You’ll stop trying to understand things.

You’ll stop trying to find alternatives.

You’ll stop trying to solve problems.

You’ll accept everything as it is.

You’ll stop believing in yourself.

And to me, this is the only way to get back up again.

To keep going.

Don’t lose it…

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