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The inspiration treadmill

by Yann Girard

The worst thing you could do when you’re looking for inspiration is to go out there and look for inspiration.

What’s a lot better than looking for inspiration is to actually sit down on your ass and get stuff done.

To do shit. Over and over again. No matter what. No matter if you feel like it. No matter if you’re in the mood.

Because that’s the only way to really get your stuff done. And not by reading inspiring blog posts. Or books. Or YouTube videos. Heck, even this right here won’t help you.

Looking for inspiration is like a working out on a treadmill. You could go on forever without ever finishing the climb. Without ever reaching the top of that mountain.

You could go on watching, listening and reading inspiring stuff forever without ever really doing a thing. Without ever really getting close to finishing that climb.

The Internet is like a constant and never ending source of inspiration. A sometimes terrifying and all consuming monster that forces you to become a bystander instead of the main character.

So every once in a while do yourself a favor and try to be the main character instead.

Stop looking for inspiration and start living your own story. And start writing your own script.

Because there’s nothing more inspiring than living your own life…

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