The ONE thing you need to find your passion


Money is the only thing you really need to find and follow your passion. And of course a hell lot of time.

And to be able to spend that much time on finding and following your passion you need money. It’s that simple.

I know. Many gurus out there will tell you otherwise. They’ll tell you that you can make it. That all you have to do is to find and follow your passion. And that’s it.

But that’s not it. It doesn’t work that way. You need money to survive first. To pay the bills. To pay for food. It might work once you have enough money. But if you don’t, it’s a pretty risky bet.

And of course it works for people who follow these super pricey seminars. Or workshops. Or what not. Because they have all the basics covered already. They already have enough money. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to spend a few hundred or thousand dollars on these things.

I know. People say that when you do your thing, when you follow your passion, when you follow your calling, then money will automatically follow. But here’s the thing…

When you’re constantly waiting for that money to finally come your way, it will never come. That’s what these gurus also say. But when you can’t make next month’s rent, well then you’ll definitely be waiting for that money to come.

And the only way you can really stop waiting for that money to come your way is when you already have enough money to live a comfortable life. No matter how hard you’re following your calling, no matter how many people you help every single day.

And I’m not talking Lamborghini comfortable life. I’m talking about a life where you have all the necessities covered already and are able to pay for the basics every single day without having to worry. Without feeling the pressure.

That’s why this follow your calling thing only works once you already have enough money. Again. I’m not talking about millions here. Some people are able to live a comfortable life spending less than $1000 a month. Including myself. For some it might be a bit more. Or a lot more. I don’t know.

Still. What you really need to be able to find your passion, to follow your passion and to live your purpose is money. Period.

That’s why you need to find your number. And then work on from there.

If you need $1000 a month to cover expenses, then do everything you can to have at least 1 year of expenses on your bank account BEFORE you quit your job. Even better, have two years of expenses on your bank account. Or build a side business that generates $1000 a month. Whatever works for you.

Because you’ll need money to buy yourself some freedom. Some time to think. Some time to breathe. Some time to figure yourself out. You need freedom first. And this usually boils down to some sort of financial freedom. Be it a small side business that generates enough money for the necessities or a few years of expenses on your bank account.

So how can you save that much money? How can you make that much money on the side?

I don’t know you. I don’t know your life situation.

But when I took the leap I saved around 70% of my income for two years. I also tried to scale a side business at the same time. Which didn’t really work out. When my friends saw me they said my face was green. That’s how little sleep I was getting. And that’s how sick I looked (and was) during that time. So for me, the saving part worked best.

I know saving so much money isn’t really feasible for most people out there. But maybe it is. Maybe that’s exactly what it’s all about. Look. I cut back on pretty much everything for just two years. To be able to eventually be free for the rest of my life. What are two years of not spending money on stupid stuff in exchange for a lifetime of freedom? Nothing…

Look. Back then I decided to organize my life in a way that I didn’t spend money on stupid stuff all the time. Most of the money we spend, we spend it on stupid stuff anyway.

Most of the things we spend money on are the things we buy because we want to reward ourselves, because we work a job we don’t really like. “I deserve this. I worked really, really hard. I did many things I didn’t enjoy doing so much. That’s why I deserve all of this…”

And if you say you can’t possibly cut back, whatever that might look like in your case (your car, a smaller apartment or what not), well then it’s probably not a good idea to ever quit your job and start following your calling. Then it’s probably a good idea to just wait until you get replaced by an algorithm or someone who works for a third of your salary.

Look. Here’s how I see things…

We’re all trapped in this follow your passion and find your purpose stuff. And the truth is that most of us just don’t have such a big life purpose or calling. Or we just haven’t found it yet. We’re still seeking.

So if you haven’t found your purpose yet, why not make it your purpose to be able to buy yourself some freedom in the future? To be able to spend more time on figuring yourself out. To be able to spend more time on following your dreams. And to ultimately find your purpose.

Why not make this the reason why you’re getting up every single morning? Why not make this the purpose of your job that you hate. The job that’s missing purpose. That’s just not fulfilling.

That’s at least what I did. The only reason I got up every single morning was to be able to save enough money to maybe one day have enough money on the bank to quit my job and buy myself some freedom.

Sure, you might also be able to buy yourself some freedom without any money on your bank account. Or without a side business that covers all your costs.

But then you’d have to be really, really good at what you’re doing. You might have to be among the best of the best. You might need to have made it in the past already. You might have to know the right people. Or you might have to be a chess master.

But ordinary people like you and me, we need cash in the bank first. Or a well running side business.

Because if we don’t, then all that’s going to happen is that we have to quit without ever having really started. Started what? Everything…

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