The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Absolute Freedom

There’s no such thing as freedom…

# it starts in your head

Freedom is not given to you. Ever. No matter which country you live in. Or where you’re from. Freedom is something you’ve gotta take. No one is going to give you anything. Freedom is a conscious decision.

# plant seeds

You’ve gotta start planting seeds. Seeds that might maybe one day turn into a strong enough tree. No matter how big or small. Every opportunity you create for yourself and the people around you, every thought or idea you share with the world, every conversation you have is a seed planted. A seed planted in your head. In other people’s heads. Everywhere.

# perfection

Perfection will only hold you back. From what? From everything…

# no reason

You don’t have to have a reason for everything. Or justify why you did something. Or did not do something. Sometimes things happen for no reason at all. Like not wanting to talk to someone. Or not willing to meet up with someone. For no reason at all. And that’s totally fine. That’s real freedom.

# trading time

Trading time for money is not freedom. As a matter of fact it’s a prison. Because the only way you’ll ever be able to make more money is to trade more of your time. And then you’ll have even less time. Which means that you’ll be less free than ever before. But you need money. To be able to buy yourself some freedom. And that’s the riddle. That’s the maze. You’ve gotta find ways to stop trading your time for money or else you’ll never be free. You’ve gotta be willing to work a few years on that. Because that’s how long it’ll take you to figure out how it really works.

# ignore everybody

Ignore everybody who’s trying to give you advice on what you should do but has never done what you’re doing or want to do. Ignore your parents, your friends and pretty much everybody else out there. Only listen to the people who’ve either successfully or unsuccessfully done what you’re doing or are about to do.

# have enough

Sometimes freedom is about having enough. What does that even mean? It means that at one point you’ve gotta have enough. Enough of what? Of everything…

# reinvention

Freedom is about reinvention. Over and over again. It’s not about doing the same things over and over again. You’ve gotta keep reinventing yourself.Even, no especially when a reinvention fails. You’ve gotta be willing to go from employee to entrepreneur. From entrepreneur to standup comedian. And from there to running a restaurant. And then to… But what do I know? Just shake things up every once in a while or your freedom might turn into a prison.

# other people’s freedom

Help other people to create their freedom. So you can see and learn how it’s done.

# entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is not equal to freedom. As a matter of fact, being an entrepreneur is a prison in disguise. Instead of depending on your company, you’d be depending on your clients. Or investors. Or other people who give you their hard earned dollars. And because they pay you their own money and not some imaginary company dollars, it’ll be a lot harder to satisfy them. To even get them to pay you something in the first place…

# don’t be someone else

If you’re trying to be someone you’re not, if you’re doing something just because you like the result, then you won’t make it. Simply because if you do something just for the result of it, then you’ll be doing something that you don’t really enjoy doing. You might start the next Kickstarter for food. Just because you like where Kickstarter is now. But if you don’t absolutely love food, if you’re not 100% food, then you’d never be able to make it through the tough times. Chasing opportunities never works. Only doing stuff you genuinely enjoy doing works. In the long run…

# if it’s easy

If it’s easy it will probably not work anymore and not lead to freedom. Simply because if something is easy, the window of opportunity closes again the millisecond it opens.

# not knowing

Not knowing is freedom. Realizing that you don’t know a thing about anything might be the most liberating thing in the world. That’s real freedom. Now get out there and start doing and learn more so you know more…

# people matter

It matters who you hang out with. If you hang out with negative people you’ll become negative yourself. If you work with small minded people, you’ll become small minded yourself. It all rubs off. And if you live in a country where there aren’t (or you think there aren’t) that many great people you’d like to hang out with, or they simply don’t want to hang out with you, then follow all of their stuff online. Create your virtual team.

# money

Most people get money wrong. Money is not for buying things. Because things don’t make us happy. Maybe they do. But just for two seconds. Money is for buying ourselves some freedom to do the things that make us happy. That’s real freedom.

# bad days

Freedom is when you allow yourself to have a bad day. Days where you just sit in front of your laptop and binge watch Netflix. Where you do nothing. And that’s ok. We all have bad days. Just today, I didn’t do anything. Except reading a bit, writing this and hitting the refresh button every once in a while to see if I was able to sell a few more things. And that’s ok. As long as you don’t regret it. Because that regret will destroy all the fun today and take away all of your energy from tomorrow. So have a few bad days every once in a while. With no regrets…

# no time

If you say you have no time for all of this, then you’ll never be free.

# talent

Talent doesn’t matter. Just like intelligence doesn’t matter. We all suck when we start something new. It’s all about persistence. Consistency. Showing up over and over again. Learning from our mistakes or failures. And getting back up over and over again…

# 10+ years

It doesn’t happen over night. Nothing happens over night. It all takes time. How much time? More than you ever thought possible. Because not only do you have to learn new things, not only do you have to apply these new things, but you’d have to reprogram your brain. You’d have to unlearn all the crap that was put into your brain for the past 10, 20, 30 or maybe even more years.


It’s all just a matter of how much you’re willing to give up right now. How much you’re willing to sacrifice over the next few years. It’s about living a life for a few years like no one else ever will, so you might maybe have a shot at living a life no one else ever will. And I’m not talking about living in a box. I’m talking about putting in the work. But what if I want to party with my friends? Come back and read this again in one year. Or two years. Or three years. Or maybe never read this ever again…

# your three things

Are the most important thing…

But then again. I don’t know. There’s no blueprint. There’s no guidebook to follow. There’s just figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. Everything right here worked for me. Maybe it will also work for you. Maybe not.

But most importantly, you’ve gotta get out there and start writing your own cheatsheet. You’ve gotta start writing your own book. You’ve gotta start shooting your own movie. You’ve gotta start investing in yourself and buying yourself some freedom.

Or just keep doing what you’re already doing. Maybe you already have everything you need and just haven’t realized it, yet…

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